Evening at Epcot touring plans w/ FP+: Help!

I recently added an extra day of tickets so we can go to Epcot on our arrival day. I’m thinking we’ll get to the park between 5-6pm, and it’s open until 11 pm. This will be our only day at Epcot. I got a FP+ for Frozen at 6:05 pm. According to TP, the longest wait we’ll have is 19 minutes for Test Track at 10 pm. I scheduled the other FP+ at 4 and 5 pm, thinking they would just expire, and after we rode Frozen we could pick up a FP+ in any tier, but reading other threads, it seems like maybe that strategy won’t work? Since I don’t expect to be in the park to tap in to the first one for sure and possibly the second one either, what do I do? I realize 19 minutes is not a big deal, but if I can, I’d like to at least have the possibility of getting another FP+ after frozen, in case lines end up being longer than 20 min for Soarin’ or TT.


Even if your strategy works, there will simply be no Tier 1 FPP left after 6pm. You will most surely have to do stand-by for all Tier 1 after FEA.

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I also would be doubtful that there would be any Tier 1 fast passes left that late in the day. We are doing Epcot our first evening also and ended up getting FP for Soarin, Mission Space, and Spaceship Earth. Just going for a few rides and then exploring World Showcase.

Thanks @SneakyPete and @rckstrscat! Good to know! I keep forgetting that part of the FP+ thing and think they will be there all night. I got the most important one for our family- Frozen- so, we’ll just determine if we do the other two Tier 1 rides based on the wait time and willingness to do at it that moment.

I’d check the TP mobile app around the time you plan to be at FEA and see what the current FP availability is. Not every day is going to be the same obviously, but if you check that a handful of times across different CL days, you’d get an idea of what might be available and what your wait times might be.

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