Evening 7DMT FP

I have a 7:50pm FP for 7DMT on 8/9. There are EMH that day, which we plan on utilizing, and we have a 8am BOG reservation on 8/12 with a 9am park opening so could always ride on 8/12 as well.

I’m concerned keeping the 7:50pm FP on 8/9 will cause us to wait in long lines all day since I won’t be able to pick up additional FPs. What do you guys think? It is just me and my DD6 this trip and on 8/9 we are focusing on Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Already have FPs for PPF and Space.

I would spend a little time every day trying to modify it to an earlier time.

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I have been trying for almost a month now, but so far no luck :frowning:

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Has your daughter ridden it before? On a hot day, I would definitely prefer to ride Splash, but it really depends on your priorities.

Watch out that Disney doesn’t change that 9am open to 8am on your BoG day. If there is not EMM that day you could get a ride or 2 after breakfast. We got 4 rides including getting in the SB line right before RD last September, but that doesn’t always work out.

If 7DMT is a priority that you want to ride multiple times I would definitely keep it. You may have more luck modifying on that day or the night before when other people make changes.


Keep trying. I started (at 30 days) with 9:50pm and by the time we traveled, I was down to 4:10pm. But I was diligent with checking for changes… l was the FP stalker.

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I agree with the modify…but if not, I would RD it during EMM and scrap the evening FP for another ride and take advantage of more FP’s during the day.


Agree. If you add up all the time you will spend waiting in other lines by not being able to get 4th+ FPP, you could have just rode SDMT standby.

That said, you could make a decision closer to the date as you continue to try to modify, and scrap it at the last minute.

I would feel regret about it, but I would scrap 7DMT. The lines you would suffer through, not being able to ground and pound additional FPs… nope, that’s a hard pass.

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I have a 7DMT FP also for 7:50pm on 8/25, but that was deliberate – we’re probably starting that day with EMH at HS, time away from the parks in the afternoon, early 4pm dinner at 'Ohana and then an evening at MK so our first FP is around 5:30pm and we’ll probably use it closer to 6:30pm. I was already planning that evening to be MK but if we’d been able to get 7DMT FP for one of our MK mornings I would have booked HS FPs instead of the MK evenings.

With your all-day at MK, I’d keep the late 7DMT FP but be willing (if you can’t modify it to earlier) to modify it to another ride on the day of to benefit from additional fast passes.

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Was able to snag a 12:05 FP for 7DMT!! Was also able to change my TSMM on 8/8 for SDD. I think the 30 day cancellations are working in my favor :slight_smile:


Tenacity pays off. Congrats. :slight_smile:

I wish they were working in mine! Still not a single time coming up for TOT.