Evaluted Touring Plans

I do not have a whole lot of touring plan trips under my belt but the next trip to Disney World (and Universal Studios) will be with a total of 10 people.

The way I tackled this is I made 2 sets of Touring Plans for each day. One with the bigger thrill rides (Space Mountain, Rock 'n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, etc.) and one with the rides for the kids that are not tall enough or the adults that do not want to go on the thrill rides. I evaluated (not optimized) most of the plans so that the rides we are all going on together (lots of overlap) are at the same time in each plan and when the group goes on the thrill rides the “non-thrill riders” are doing attraction that the thrill riders do not want to do. Hopefully this is making sense.
We all go on the Jungle Cruise together
Then we all go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Then the non-thrill riders go on Peter Pan’s Flight (with a FP+) while the thrill riders ride Splash Mountain
Then we all meet up at the same time to do the Haunted Mansion together.

What my concern is is what happens when we get to the park and something changes (as I know it will). A ride is closed down or the wait for Splash Mountain is 40 minutes instead of 5 that the TP says, etc.

Normally I would just hit Optimize and let the plan tell me what to do based on the current wait times and what we have left we want to do. If I do that it is going to blow up both plans.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Wow - that is way too complex for me :slight_smile: I typically make a single TP, but then frequently only follow it for the fire 4 or 5 attractions… @brklinck is our TP Jedi Master…

That is pretty much your only option, I think. Once one plan goes significantly off-track then giving up on coordinating the two groups is probably your best bet if you want to make sure that each group gets to do all the things that they want to.

In general, I think that the best approach for split groups is to just meet up for meals but otherwise tour independently. Even without a major delay/incident you still will have one group waiting for the other to catch up each time you get back together, and that will cause a lot of frustration for the people waiting ("Mom, why do we have to wait for them? I want to ride now!)

I would make a single touring plan with all the rides everyone’s wants to do and optimize. Then adjust the sections where your party splits into two groups so that those rides appear back to back in your plan, but in reality your group has split. At that point, evaluate to get estimated wait times.