Evaluate My Touring Plans for the first week of September

It is only me and my DH no children. No fast passes are added on here as I am still 107 days out so it is to early to make fast passes. Every park is a one except for Epcot which is a three.

Magic Kingdom Day 1

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom Day 2

Hi! You did it!

I’ve had way too many drinks tonight to look now, but I promise to look in the morning. :slight_smile: I love to help with TPs.

Yes Thanks was looking myself but couldn’t find it. Remember this is a rough copy once I hit 60 days and can do my fast passes I will probably be moving a few things around like in epcot world pavilion to make it make a little more sense.

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On your Epcot plan, it’s not realistic to do breakfast in France, Soarin’, back to France to meet Belle. You have a couple of other places where you are going back and forth between Future World and World Showcase. It’s way too much walking and Epcot is huge! You’ll exhaust yourself! Do either FW first, then hit WS, WS first and then FW.

It is TP optimize that is having me go back and forth later in the day but like I just posted once I can do fast passes at 60 days I am going to fix some of the meet and greets so it makes more sense because you can only put them in as breaks so tp doesnt know where it is.

Oh I see! I would evaluate instead of optimize.

Fixed it a little so we aren’t getting breakfast in france till about 20 minutes before we are supposed to meet belle so we will just stay in france

With a 1 day? You won’t need a touring plan @thenightgoddess! everything will be a walk on!!!
I hope you enjoy it very much!!

Day 1 - You have two large blocks of Free Time, so you can add more attractions. What I do is double the number of WS pavilion steps, as it takes longer than the default 10 minutes to really explore each one.

Day 2 - Again, lots of Free Time - add more attractions! :smile:

Day 3 - Ibid. An hour and a half of Free Time.

Day 4 - You know what I’m going to say here - more attractions! (Kind of sound like Tim the Tool Man here…)

Day 5 - Maybe try to get an FPP for Peter Pan’s Flight for 11:30 so that you can do it after Buzz and before meeting Peter Pan, You have 19 minutes of Free Time after Buzz and you are arriving for the M&G 20 minutes early, so you have plenty of time to do this.

Even on a “1” day there are lots of people in the parks and waits for headliners can be long during peak hours, so it always pays to have a Touring Plan. Think of all the additional things you can do! :slight_smile:

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Unless we do the same things twice there isn’t anything else we can do for attractions. I would probably not do most of it twice as I have to ride a bunch of stuff by myself as my husband is a chicken. We will probably use that extra time to try snacks, shop, rest, or just look around. There are few things like KS at AK that I would like to do twice if I have the extra time. Most stuff though will be once or we won’t decide to do it again till after we did it the first time.

I like the changes you made to Rpcot plan since I looked at them last night. I might also add in some more time at the pavilions and/or some specific attractions if they appeal to you. Movie in France? Acrobats in China? Etc.

On AK day I would head right to Dino and then EE. Save Oasis and Bugs Life for non RD times. Maybe add in some attractions like Burudika band or Devine? Esp since it’s just you and DH maybe sit and watch something like that. Seems to be a lot of running from thing to thing in all your plans. Maybe that’s your preference tho.

Your plans look great! The wait times for that week look spectacular. I hope they stay that low for you. Don’t forget to re-evaluate your plans right before your trip. If the predictions change, the times will too, so give yourself enough time to adjust if they do change.

^^^to repeat these wait times will increase and change as there is almost 4 months of data missing just now. You need to optimise or re-evaluate monthly until 1-2 weeks out to get accurate wait times.

Just had a look at DHS and it looks mighty fine. Perhaps choose a FP for your favourite ride and book it for after Fantasmic. Enjoy!