Evaluate my plans for HS

Initially I had planned for out HS day to be a late star day, but then DD surprised me by saying she was interested in doing Jedi Training (I’m the only Star Wars fan in the family). So, I started to plane a split day with an extra long afternoon break. But, I’m wondering about if we really could still do a late day at HS. What do you think about this plan? It’ll be towards the middle/end of our trip, so I’m hoping for a SDD FP+.

Fantasmic is a must do, btw.

Here is our morning TP, we’d go back to resort, have dinner at FF, maybe go meet Chewbacca & see F! https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3180964

This one is if we showed up late - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3384699

We are planning to be at HS that day too! We are planning RD to close that day for our only HS day and then have a resort day the next day in our current itinerary.

If you RD, why not do AS2 or TSMM first? Remember you are supposed to report to Jedi Training 30 minutes before the show so factor that into your TP.

Your late plan has your break cutting it close to be able to make it to F! but maybe make your TPs with anticipated FPP to see how your times work out.

Yeah, I’m not sure why “optimize” put the attractions in that order…and yes, it’ll be more of a play it by ear, what do we have time for in the moment.

Our plans are a bit in flux as my family has been loudly vocal against too many RDs. So I want to at least have plans for if we don’t make it.