Evaluate mk touring plans

For those of you who like to evaluate touring plans, I would love any insight. These are the three days we are spending at MK. Also have one day at AK, Epcot, and HS. trying to have a schedule but leave time at the end of the day to be flexible or revisit favorites. myself, DH, DD6 and DD4
thanks for any advice

fast passes are not firm. my fast pass window is next week.
did i miss any rides?

thanks so much!!!

For Jan 11th, that peter pan, fastpass at 7pm -
I’d constantly try to modify that for an earlier (MUCH earlier) time, so you can start getting more fastpasses for the day. I’d be trying asap to modify that one if you haven’t already.

Your first day is too conservative, you should be able to walk on Winnie and use that FPP elsewhere. Agree with above do try and change your PP FPP. If you are in MK all day on average to low crowds use your FPP in the morning but not nesesarily between 9-10am.

Day1 - I would aim for PP rather than ETWB for your FPP. Getting a PP can be tough and ETWB is never going to be a 55 min wait. Plus you HAVE to shorten that up (PP) or move it because you are showing arrival for FoF parade after it’s all done. Maybe FPP PP and do ETWB later?? You’re going back to fantasyland anyway for Barnstormer and meeting characters at the sideshow. Or, since you’re showing 51 minutes of free time after fairytale hall, do PP then without FPP and FPP ETWB after parade?

ETA: be careful about having that first fairytale hall FPP for right at 11. Maybe go for 11:15 in case breakfast of BBB run late. Don’t forget about photos at Castle Couture after all transformed, too!

they are going to be at breakfast and at BBB til essentially noon. There isn’t much earlier that they can move FPP

Day 2: I would eliminate PP altogether on this day, or try for it as an extra FPP (using a FPP for it on day 1). Or, I would move it to much earlier in the day so as to maximize your FPP potential. I agree that WTP will not be a good FPP use that early in the day as compared to PP.

Know that SOTMK is something you do all along the way. I don’t add it into my plans for that reason. You might know that already but just in case I thought I’d mention it.

Whatcha gonna do with that 2 hrs of free time, hmmmm??

BOG?! Luckies!!!

I’m looking at Jan 11th. I think you’re looking at Jan 9th.

Day 3:

PP again?! Lordy friend. It’s a classic but it ain’t THAT great!

POTC will not need FPP that early. Skip PP and go right to POTC and walk on.

Pirate’s League is inside the park. And OMG is it fantastic!! One of the most fun things we have ever done. Make sure to attend the Pirate Tutorial after. We weren’t sure if we would go or skip but we are so glad we went!

This day, too, you have nearly 2 hours of free time. Any plans for that? Maybe see FoF this day before going to Pirates League Parade (you’ll have plenty of time to get there after parade ends)

I love all this advice! Thanks
Fast passes have not been made yet. Think Peter Pan twice was an oversight. Any rides I’m forgetting that you love?! This is our first Disney vacation and so excited. My husband and I have never been either