European Parks

Have any of you visited any parks in Europe? DLP is in Europe but not for this topic.


I think @mousematt has mentioned that there are good amusement parks, but not “theme” parks. Perhaps I’m remembering this wrong though.

To start this off last year went to a park near Nantes in western France called Puy Du Fou. I is a great little park featuring shows and walk throughs focussing on history of the area. There is a medieval village, a 1900 town, a brilliant Viking show where a Viking longboat rises from under a river with Vikings on board who leap into action.

It also has 4 themed hotels - A gallo-roman villa, a merrovingian village, a castle (Chateau) and a renaissance Lodge. There are also 2 expansive night time shows along the lines of Fantasmic but focussed on history of the area. If I remember correctly around 8ooo costumes are used in the show and there are around 3ooo cast. It was very spectacular. Seating for 10000.

We also explored a park called Futuroscope, just outside Poitiers. This park is a bit like Epcot with rides, shows, IMAX screens, an arial bar - where you sit at the bar which rises up about 150/200 feet while you are enjoying a drink (soft or otherwise). Great play areas for toddlers and plenty for adults too.

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Is @mousematt from the UK - it seems they do not want to be part of Europe anymore but UK has a number of ‘Parks’ not exactly all of which I would class as theme parks as they are primarily coaster rides. I have been to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour - where Harry Potter films were made - which is very themed and has better butter beer than the beverage at Universal

This sounds awesome!

Yes it was great. We have been there 3 times now, staying a different themed hotel each time. Twice we went via coach and last year I drove down from St Malo as we wanted to do the 2 parks. Driving in France is very pleasant, not that much traffic, except around the city ring roads - nothing like here where if you drive to work it can take you 30-45 minutes to go 3 miles!

We went to DLP this summer and driving there round the Paris ring rad was a nightmare.

If anyone is interested here is a like to the PDF website It is in French and English and possibly German and Spanish. :grin:

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In the summer of 2014, we visited Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on several evenings during our week stay. It was one of Walt Disney’s inspirations for DL. The rides are more on a quaint carnival level but the gardens and many, many restaurants are excellent in theming and cuisine. If you are ever in Denmark, you should go.

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We went to Europa Park in Germany, in summer 2005. It was a lot of fun. They also have themed hotels.

They had some of the most amazing roller coasters. It was a lot of fun.

I imagine we might be looking for a way to go back again one day.

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Yes, he is.

The morons and the racists don’t want to be part of Europe anymore. I do.

I’m not sure how I’d define theme park. My two nearest ones are Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Both have some excellent rides — better rollercoasters than at WDW and maybe even UOR. But they’re not really themed parks as such.


I loved the Studio Tour, but I did think it needed a few rides!

I live not far from @mousematt so his nearest parks are also my nearest parks. They do call themselves theme parks, but I agree that they are not very themed (I also agree with him about Europe).

I have been looking at Efteling in the Netherlands, but we probably won’t go.

I have been to Port Aventura in Spain, but not since 2013. That’s well themed and has good rides for all ages, we really enjoyed it.


Bonjour, ca va?

Being from the Channel Islands we are not in the EU but are associate members - we are inly a few miles from France so it is 1 hour on the car ferry to St Malo or 5 hours on the car ferry to Poole! And yes it seems odd that a minority of the electorate (less that half of the electorate vote to leave the EU) can force a country to leave an alliance that has been in place since the 1970’s.

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We went to Tera Miticca in Benidorm, Spain around 10 years ago. Lots of fun rides and nice theming - European/Mediterranean historical/mythical.

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I’ve been to St Malo years ago with Eurocamp.