Europe’s largest tour operator cancels all WDW vacations for 2020

In other words, the tour operator is saying “We don’t want to listen to your complaints about how your vacation was ruined by things beyond our control, so we are cancelling altogether.”


Yes but they’ve cancelled ALL Florida flights.So if people want to come they’ll now have to find other flights AND find travel insurance, which is all but impossible to get.

I did see one person say they were quoted £100 ($125) a day, per person, for travel insurance to the USA to cover expenses should they be either taken I’ll with Covid-19 or have to extended their stay because they had symptoms or tested positive and couldn’t fly.

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and or… could it be that once you get to America you won’t be allowed to return since the EU is going to block all flights from the U.S. (is that official yet?). and they don’t want to schedule one way trips???


Are UK flights even allowed into the US?

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The U.K. isn’t in the EU though.

But nothing has been finalised yet, either by the EU or the U.K.

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There are commercial flights. But UK citizens won’t be allowed in so I assume wouldn’t be allowed to board either, unless they hold dual citizenship.

Didn’t they close the borders to UK flights in March or April though? That’s what I’m asking, if the borders are open. Oh I see what you’re saying.

I’m not surprised. International travel to or from the US is going to be stickier than cotton candy fingers for quite awhile.


It will be official next week is what I’ve heard. The travel ban is effective 7/1 so we will have the official list for sure that day. Honestly I’ll be surprised if America isn’t banned at this rate


The E.U. will bar most travelers from the U.S. and Russia, which have been excluded from a list of countries deemed to have curbed the virus.

Friday, June 26, 2020 5:17 PM EST
By contrast, travelers from more than a dozen countries that are not overwhelmed by the coronavirus will be welcomed when the bloc reopens after months of lockdown on July 1.
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It remains under EU legislation, customs union etc though, until the withdrawal is finalized at the end of the year. So i believe any EU travel restrictions and such also apply to the UK.

Ordinarily yes.

But travel restrictions etc are one area each country has been doing their own thing.

We have our own quarantine rules (too late), which we’ve already relaxed, so we can go on holiday to some EU countries and not have to self isolate either there or on our return.

I actually thought we were drawing up our own list of countries which we’ll bar people coming from.

So in this case I don’t think we are necessarily bound by the rules, every country has to ratify the agreement but I don’t think it needs to be ratified by every country to be adopted. Although if we don’t follow suit, we could well find ourselves barred from some of the EU.

The TUI decision was made by the U.K. and Ireland section of the company.

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THe UK has never been in the Schengen area, even before the Leave movement, so it is not subject to EU immigration and travel regulations anyway. Which means it can be more strict, or more lax, on any of thoe measures as it chooses.

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