ETwB in MK

We have a fastpass for Enchanted tales with Belle. My daughter and niece love princesses. However, we are from Norway and the girls don’t speak english. They might get shy in this setting. I am wondering if this fastpass is a waste or if the experience is wonderful no matter what.

I would think they would enjoy the experience just the same. And you never know - sometimes the face characters surprise a person and speak other languages.

I can’t speak for the shyness factor, but if they are familiar with the story, they should be able to follow what is going on. If they participate, they will get to meet Belle and get a picture.

If they aren’t comfortable participating due to shyness or the language barrier, it’s an intimate setting that is enjoyable for a child to watch. When we went, my DD wasn’t picked to participate but all the children were able to go up at the end for a picture with Belle.