Estimated LL wait time for SDD

In my HS touring plan (CL 5) my SDD entry is showing as “LL/G+ added” but it’s still showing a wait time of 65 minutes. We have not had to wait that long before when we’ve had a lightning lane with similar crowd levels. Should I assume this is an error on the touring plan or are folks actually having to wait that long even with a lightning lane lately?

Do you have the SDD ride task slotted at a time that meets your window?

Should have a message in green along the lines of “Use Lightning Lane via Genie+ for 2:50pm-3:50pm”

Thanks for the info. Mine actually doesn’t have the green text underneath, although some of the other rides in my plan do. Odd. I’ll go back and try and figure out what I have done wrong.

It sounds like the plan didn’t use the LL for Slinky. I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes with an LL for Slinky.