Escape plan: Kid-free afternoon near Boardwalk

On our trip in April DH and I get to have a night and day to ourselves while the kiddos stay with Grandpa!
After our day all together in Epcot we’ll head to our stay at the Dolphin and we’ll be footloose and fancy free until the next evening. I have a few things planned so far, but wanted to get recommendations for the rest of the time. We love good food and drink but are mocktail folks.

We thought about doing karaoke at Kimonos after the park since it will be a Thursday night. Then a slow morning at the hotel with some pool time - hello, sleeping in!! The next thing we have planned is a 5pm reservation at Il Mulino (DH doesn’t like seafood, so this seemed better than Bluezoo for us).

So, what would you do with all that time from checkout til dinner on foot with no park tickets?

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There’s a mini golf course right there next to the Swan, if you like that sort of thing. (I do! But I haven’t tried that course.)

Also I think with the Dolphin stay, you get free use of paddle boats or something in the lake.

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Oh, I like that idea! And something we wouldn’t normally think to do!

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Maybe head to DS for the evening to shop, people watch, and listen to the live musicians. There are plenty of food and drink options, even if just a snack.

ETA: You can get a but creative, too. Walk to HS and take a bus to Port Orleans to that place with the Beignets, then take the boat to DS, etc.

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Sorry…I had blanked on the name. This is where I mean:

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Ok, so from checkout until 5pm.

I’d wake up, grab some light breakfast foods at Fuel. Then get everything ready for checkout. Then head to the pool complex, and do some HARDCORE pool / hot tub hopping. (The waterfall is a great shoulder massage if you find the right spot. Some of it might be too strong, but you can adjust your positioning - just move around until you find a spot the suits you.)

After pooltime, I think I’d head to Disney Springs, but that mini golf course is RIGHT THERE. Mini golf just wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s a good idea. Mini Golf, a light lunch on the Boardwalk? With no kids, tho, I might make a break for Disney Springs to buy the kids and gramps something (maybe some cookies at Gideon’s, and some WDW Swag) and a light lunch at Homecomin’

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A what?


It can be done. Restraint. It’s worth it. 2 ppl, one app, one main, one dessert. It’d be tough, but worth it.