Epic Disney Meal Time (advice?)

Mission: I’m a Disney Foodie-in-Training, and I want to try the best, most acclaimed item from each of the following restaurants below. Come on fellow foodies!!!

Day 1 (Arrival Day Dinner): Yachtsman Steakhouse
Day 2 (Lunch): Sci-Fi Dine-In
Day 2 (Dinner): Fantasmic Dinner Package (comes with appetizer and dessert) Brown Derby
Day 3 (Breakfast): Boardwalk Bakery If the Breakfast Waffle Cone is still there, I’m going with that!
Day 3 (Dinner): Le Cellier
Day 4 (Lunch): Be Our Guest
Day 4 (Dinner): Skipper Cantina
Day 5 (Brunch): The Wave
Day 5 (Dinner): Raglan Road Whatever I have for dinner, Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding is a must!
Day 5 (Dessert): Beaches & Cream Hey, don’t judge me – it’s a late late dessert! Only 3 of us so Kitchen Sink would probably be too much.
Day 6 (Breakfast): Trattoria Al Forno Bon Voyage Breakast
Day 6 (Dinner): Ohana Ok, I guess I don’t have a choice here – just wanted you to know I had dinner
Day 7 (Breakfast): Crystal Palace I know it’s a buffet, but what are your favorite items?
Day 8 (Dinner): Be Our Guest

Oh fun! Let me give an opinion or two. HBD- you get a variety of small desserts so there are not any bad choices. For appetizers the last time I had the scallop and it was very good (you may see a seafood thread through my answers). I am always shocked by how great the entrees are at HBD. My last gist I had the best salmon I have ever had in my life. At Raglan I have always been happy with my entrees (steak and stew) but I am going to say the entree my son had: not your bleedin chowder- amazing! My son will also say- pay the extra and get the wings appetizer- you can thank him later :wink:

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BOG Dinner- LOVED the shrimp and scallop pasta dish! My Sister and Father ordered something else off of the menu and were so jealous after they tasted mine. It was the best meal I had that trip! Good luck!!! :smiley:

Since Le Cellier is one of our favorites, I’ll jump in here. The Signature Poutine and Filet are our go to menu items. I usually split them with DS8 who eats like a bird. It’s the one meal he requests every time we go!

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Sci Fi I LOVE the turtle cheescake!

  • Yachtsman is the one Disney signature that I haven’t been to yet. But obviously steak would be the way to go.
  • Sci-Fi is my least favorite TS in DHS; it was one and done for the experience. Excellent milkshakes, average burgers.
  • DW and I usually do this for lunch. We split a Cobb salad, one of their awesome burgers (I’m a total burger snob, and this one is hands down the best I’ve had in WDW) and a dessert trio (all excellent)
  • Never been to BW Bakery
  • Le Cellier is about steak; they are all excellent, just depends on which cut you like. The cheese soup is a MUST.
  • BOG is beautiful inside, but DW and I both agreed that the food quality is on a par with other QS locations. No stand-outs. Another one and done.
  • Haven’t been to Skippers yet, but it’s on my must do list for next trip
  • I’ve only been to the Wave once. The service was SO bad it really ruined the whole experience for me. The “chowder” is really more of a dark-roux gumbo; tasty, but not what I was expecting. The skirt steak was tasty, but not a stand-out.
  • RR is one of my favorites in WDW. I usually have the bangers and mash because it’s something I love, and you can’t find it many places (much better than at R&C). The fish and chips are also good, but I like the ones at Yorkshire better.
  • Only had ice cream at B&C and it’s, well, ice cream. I much prefer Glaces in France or the gelato shop in DS.
  • Haven’t been to Trattoria yet. You’ll be going to a CM, so the food will no doubt come in second to the characters.
  • Ohana is Ohana; you know the drill.
  • I haven’t had dinner at BOG yet. I may try it next trip, but I won’t play “stalker” to get an ADR…

I’m enjoying the feedback so much - thanks a ton!

This is our first time going without the dining plan, so I was opening up to quality over price for the first time in awhile.

I have had bad luck with the steak and I too will only order the shrimp and scallops. It has great flavor!

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