Epcot: World Showcase

The TP allows for 10 minutes at each country. Is this a reasonable amount of time? I know each country will vary, just trying to get a realistic average.

if you really want to look round each country then 10 minutes is no where near long enough - you could spend a couple of hours in the japan store alone. We have wandered round WS several times and have still not seen everything in every country. I would give yourself an overall time limit (say three hours) and then play to by ear - give yourself the freedom to stay longer where you are interested and move on when you are not. We

It really depends on your interest level. Are you going to have kids with you? or is it adults only. I found spending 10 minutes in some of the countries all my family can handle before we have to move onto something new. I personally would spend more time in them but my DW & DD both loose interest quick.

10 minutes was only enough time for our family to do the kidcot station and leave!! You want to at least double that time to get a better estimate of time at World Showcase. We spent the most time in Italy, Germany, and Japan…we all loved Japan!

10 minutes gives you time to walk through them and take a FW pictures. That’s about it.

Mexico, China, Germany (the trains), US, Japan, Morocco, France, the U.K and Canada all have gardens , shops, movies etc to explore that you cannot see at all from the main path. Norway and Italy have genuine architecture from the respective countries to admire (and I don’t mean Frozen).

Assuming you don’t have the time to spend half an hour in each, I would pick 3 or 4 that interest you, and plan half an hour for each. Walk past the rest.

The only time I have ever explored each and every country on the same visit was on the 5 hour tour, and even then we didn’t watch any of the movies/attraction shows. And no shopping/ browsing either. I always break it down to 4, 4 and 3. But then I have the luxury of longer trips and park hoppers. I totally get that not everyone does, which is why I suggest exploring a few rather than just doing a walk around the lake just for the sake of it.


I should have mentioned that it will be two adults. No kids. :relaxed:

My husband and I went in June - I allowed 10 minutes for most of them and bumped it to 20 for those that I knew we wanted to get a particular snack or drink at (ex: Germany - pretzels and wine/beer). It worked really well. We certainly varied in time spent, but overall that gave us plenty of time even with stopping for a few impromptu character interactions. I also put in any movies or attractions separately (ex: 10 minutes at the mexican pavilion in my plan + Gran Fiesta as a separate attraction)

Only caveat, we are not souvenir shoppers (thought we did browse a few shops). So you might bump it up a little if you are shoppers.

If you factor out attractions and dining/snacking/drinking, the amount of time you need for each country is directly proportional to how much time you spend looking around the shops. For me, I need at least 20-30 min for Mexico, Germany, and UK, and America is a walk-by (unless you plan on hearing the Voices of Liberty and see The American Adventure show, in which case you’ll be there for most of an hour). The others fall in between. Keep in mind that “grabbing a beer” in Germany or “picking up a pastry” in France could be 10 min or more, depending on the crowds. My usual EP day is to spend the AM in FW hitting the attractions that I want to see, and head into WS for lunch and stay until closing. I’ve never run out of things to do, and I’ve never gotten all of the attractions in in one day…


Thanks everyone, this helps.

This does help! I plan on eating/drinking and seeing as many holiday storytellers as possible, so I had planned about an hour at each pavilion. Maybe I won’t need even half that at some (Canada seems really boring?), but we have an ADR at Via Napoli, and I know a few of the pavilions (like Japan and UK) I will not want to leave, so hopefully it will all balance out. Would like to hit them all in time to grab a spot for Illuminations!

Canada has one of the best restaurants in WS, and a fun movie. But other than that it has little to offer except some very pretty gardens (one of my favorite places to “escape the crowds”).

Is there a way to add all of the world showcase at the same time in TP?

I created a break for 2 hours called world showcase in my touring plan to let us do what ever I wanted when we were there.

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Have any of you done the character meets at the pavilions? Do those take as long as they do in MK? That was one the issues I was trying to factor into my touring plan.

Depends on which ones and your timing. We met Marry Poppins in England with very little wait, same with Donald over in Mexico. Elsa and Anna, have the longest wait times. We ran into Mulan with almost no wait before but then we had to wait for Duffy and Pooh. I think over all the waits are less, other than the Frozen meet and greet.

When I do EP TPs, if I assume that I will be going to WS for the afternoon/evening, I just do a “regular” FW TP from opening until around noon. For WS the only thing I put in are ADRs and any live entertainment I want to see that day, and “wing it” in between. I suppose you could add M&Gs as well, but I just have no interest in them.

We lucked into short waits for Donald at Mexico and even Anna and Elsa at Norway. By the time we saw Belle and Mary Poppins, lines were already long. If there are ones you definitely want to catch, check their schedules so you can happen upon that country just as they are coming out. I did not use it, but I now others who find a Kenny the Pirate very helpful for this.

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We don’t have time for a fancy table service this time, but I definitely would like to eat at Le Cellier someday! I’ve read that O Canada! is pretty lame?! Granted, I’m still going to see it. The booze and shopping offerings look pretty boring too…

Mostly interested in all the princesses - Elsa, Ana, Belle, Mulan, and Jasmine. I’m trying to put aside 40 mins for each pavilion. Hoping its enough time!

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As cjandres said I’d suggest you use the Kenny the pirate site to time your meets, getting there early or right before is key for the short waits and Kenny’s site really helps with planning character visits.

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