Epcot world showcase snacks

Hi all! We have a family of 5(DH, DD14, DD9, DS6). Hubs wants to snack around the world to expose this kiddos to different foods/flavors. We will do this from about 3pm until close and we do not have a dinner planned. We have read a ton of reviews and we have identified the snacks ( some sweet, some savory) we think our family would enjoy as we trek around. Hubs only intends on buying one of each thing to get a bite size sample. I do not think this will sustain the family thru the fireworks. I was able to get a ressie for SAI - which I love bc of the theming- but he thinks I should cancel- again he has a view of snacking and thinks that will be enough. Any feedback? Is snacking enough for a meal for a young family? My fear is that a bite here, bite there, will not be enough and hungry kids are, well, miserable kids. Thoughts? Should I push the SAI or cancel it?

I would probably cancel SAI. BUT I would include the caveat that you’ll need to get more than 1 item at each stop, whether that’s 2 of the same item or 2 different ones. 5 people will not be able to fill up substantially with the 1 snack per stop plan, IMO.


What about if you have a plan to stop at the new connections, when are you going? Or a different quick service, like regal eagle? That way if snacking doesn’t do it can grab more food.


Ditto what they said. TS might not be necessary, but 1 snack in every country isn’t going to fill up 5 people for the night. Also what day of the week will you be there? If you are planning this on a weekend night the food boith lines be so long you give up and wish you had a TS.


I would either do a heavy TS lunch around 1-2pm and then snack around the world (with 2-3 snacks per stop), or reverse that and snack around the world for an early lunch and do a TS for dinner just before (or during) the fireworks.


From another thread, OP is going end of this month. I’m sure hoping Connections will be open, but I’m not counting on it.

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Elaborate snacking and sharing plans are definitely my thing! (I won an award! Or…something.). You can absolutely fill up on “snacking around the world”.

The lines can get tiresome though. If you only get one item per line, you very well could end up with bored and cranky kids (and adults).

To maximize dishes tried, aim for places you want to try at least 2 different items (or order multiples if the troops are getting impatient, but I’d maximize variety first myself). The one exception is if it’s something you’re pretty confident everyone is going to love and want more than 2 bites each, then order multiples.

One adult can wait in the line while the other explores the pavilion with the kids. (Take turns depending on who is more interested in each pavilion’s diversions.)


Are you talking about the Festival Booths or snacks in general around the World Showcase? You know your family best. Are they good with just snacking or do they need a real meal at some point? There are excellent QS in Epcot. You can start off snacking and supplement with a real meal as needed. I don’t think you need a TS.

My family (2 parents and 2 young adult children) needs a meal at some point. It’s always been like that. In 2019, we started in Canada when the booths opened. We bought either the best Festival offerings or some dish at each pavilion. We skipped Japan and ended with funnel cake at the American pavilion around late afternoon. They were full. We explored the pavilions along the way and did the scavenger hunt. Before Epcot Forever, everyone just wanted a dish of their own food. No more snacking, please! We had QS in Japan. The line was short. Service was quick. Food was comforting and good.

The portions at the Booths are small. As others have said, you might need 2 portions.

Here’s a roll cake and salmon from a festival booth. For size reference, the seal is a teenie beanie baby

No idea why the image is flipped. :thinking: