Epcot with 13 yo, 8yo, and 4yo

So, I am trying to put together a touring plan for Epcot. This is tricky due to ages of kiddos. I was trying to go by the tween plan but obviously, that won’t work for the little. I’d like to be able to send hubby with olders for the first attractions (Soarin, etc) and I can take little to Nemo or whatever. Then meet up as a family for Frozen ride. But, I need help and suggestions for remainder of the day. Any advice will be appreciated.

Get everyone a FP+ for Frozen. Dad takes the bigs to Test Track and Mission Space for RD. You take the little to Nemo and Turtle Talk. Meet in front of Soarin and have everyone ride Soarin. Unless your little is too short for the height requirement or afraid of heights, they will probably love it.

Thanks! What about the rest of the park? Any other suggestions? Anything the little should avoid out of fear or boredom?

So we do a fairly simple Future World Right / Future Word Lef / Around world showcase tour of Epcot. We hit most of the countries - mess in the shops. etc. The park IS for kids and we just (sorry) wander around. Yes we do hit the items with long lines first - but we basically do everything. Ok except for Living with the Land and Canada. I become creepy weird single old dude as no one will do them with me.

My kids have always loved spaceship earth - they ride it constantly

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