Epcot wine and food festival: yeah or nay

Hi everybody! We are planning an 11 day stay from August 20 to August 31 at Disney. We fly back early on the 31st. We are have a six Day day park hopper tickets. I just noticed that the Epcot food and wine starts on 30 August. I am now tempted to add a seven day to our ticket sold that we can enjoy the food and wine. Is it a good idea? Will the crowds be horrible? It is a Thursday after all.

I would definitely add it! If you go early on Thursday you should be fine.

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If you like to try food and different alcohol then definitely! It shouldn’t be too much to add the seventh day to your ticket. Lots of food to try out at Epcot too. I suggest going earlier in the day and walk around and make that your focus.

Absolutely yay! Some of my family will only come to Disney if it is during F&W season!

I am going to be there during F&W on my Sept trip. I added in some additional time to tour in Epcot so I could stroll around a bit. I really don’t drink & I am not the most adventurous eater, but it is one of those things that I think I will enjoy anyway. Since I am going to be there, I felt like I should make the time.
If I was in your situation, I would do it!

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++ @PrincipalTinker … Avoid the weekends!

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Food & wine fest is my favorite! If you can tour on a Thursday, you should be golden. Also, when I was pricing tickets it was only $20 or so to add a day from 6 to 7.

While the cost of adding a day is typically nominal after day 5, paying more is still paying more. Will you have a non-park day (like Disney Springs) to free up a park day?

Yes. We had planned a resort day.