Epcot walking time

Morocco to living with the land is a 32 minute walk? We have been to Epcot but am I remembering things wrong or does that seem way too long??

Also, from spaceship earth to where illuminations dessert party is- probably not a 12-15m walk… Right?

Nowhere near that long for me but I am a fast walker. I would call that 10-15 but I guess it depends on how crowded it is.

Is there something funky with the opening times for either Living with the Land or Morocco on your TP? I have a TP that lists the walk from Spaceship Earth to Morocco as 20 minutes.

I did some hardcore nerding out on this. With Wikimapia, I see the shortest route from Morocco to Living with the Land as 1.2km. Google says the average walking speed is 5km/hr. With that math, it’s 15 minutes from point to point. Assuming you don’t stop for a cronut.


Hardcore nerding out…I really love that. Most folks walk a 20 minute mile, so your timing makes sense.


This is brilliant. I think this is one of the best answers I have ever seen.


I am very impressed @roguepixel. You showed your work! A+ for you.

@roguepixel hardcore AWESOME!! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SallyEppcot, @BigPetesWife, @Mrs_Beast, @BearsMom2011 … Anyone know if TouringPlans is hiring? Heck, I could do this stuff all day long. Infographics, charts, visual data!


The only point I’ll add is that it’s not just the distance. The whole way you’ll be dodging strollers, tour groups, people walking and texting, and, you might actually slow down just to look at something along the way.I can walk a mile comfortably in 15 min on a track or along side of a road, but there’s no way I can make a full circuit of WS in that amount of time… :smile:

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