Epcot walk estimate in lines app

I created a plan in the Lines app for Epcot, starting at International Gateway. The app has me going to Test Track first wit an estimated arrival at 8:02. Has anyone ever made that walk in 2 minutes or is there an issue with the app?

They would usually let you in early and hold you in Canada. I would always expect the crowd to be let through early?


I don’t know exactly what’s up with the 802 arrival estimate, but for reference MDE estimates walking time from Int’l GW to TT at 10 mins.

If you are uncertain, you can also modify the walking speed. I usually put very slow to account for crowds, toilet breaks and toddlers toddlering.

It’s definitely more than 2 min. As mentioned above, the park/IG taps open before official entry. If you are willing to arrive at IG about an 45-60 min before EE, it’s generally recommended that you rope drop Remy, followed by FEA (if you manage to walk on to Remy then you’ll still get to FEA before EE finishes). If TT waits are still reasonable at that time (or if you’re willing to go in the single-rider lane), that would be your next choice - otherwise probably Soarin, unless that also has high wait times already on high crowd days.

We RDed Epcot two weeks ago, arriving around 10 min before EE so we headed to the rope in Canada (which dropped exactly at early entry). I guess you could speed walk from there to TT in around 2 min? We walked to FEA in the front of the pack and walked on to the attraction (from this position, we’ve found you arrive at FEA slightly before the front-of-the-park crowd). For TT, I’m not sure if the IG crowd at Canada beats the front-of-the-park crowd (maybe someone else knows?) I would guess it’s probably around the same time.


We found the opposite. Once they started letting IG guests through, we were in the front of the pack…but as we approached the walkway with the MG guests, they started pouring in ahead of the IG guests on our way to FEA. I don’t see how we could have beaten them unless we literally RAN. We had a pretty short wait…probably more like 10 minutes.

Oh, interesting! We’ve done it twice now (two weeks ago and also last summer) and both times the IG group was slightly ahead when arriving in WS/Mexico (though we could see FW group approaching from the left). Maybe it depends on the day then, or levels of RD synchronization :slight_smile:

I suspect this is likely the reason. For us, there was probably on the order of 50 people coming from MG ahead of the rest of us coming from the IG…even those who were ahead of us from the IG who were walking quite quickly. I was surprised by this, actually.

I too have walked from IG (first held at Canada) to FEA and could see the front of park arriving after my group from IG. The two lines merged behind me but the front of the IG line was the first to FEA.