Epcot - Ultimate Touring Plans

Sooooo…I’ve finally really started digging in on the Touring Plans site and came across the Ultimate Touring Plans of the WDW parks. I’m thinking of taking up the challenge for Epcot (our favorite park). I’ve noticed that none of the challengers listed in the Hall of Fame are after 2015. Is this still a thing?

I would have so much fun doing this with my daughter! Also, would making a pre-opening ADR (at say, Garden Grill so we can be first on Soarin’) be breaking the rules?

My kids and I have the crazy idea of doing a 6 parks in one day challenge - 4 at WDW and 2 in CA - but my kids passes aren’t open when we return to CA! :frowning: If we can’t figure out a way to make that work, the ultimate challenge could be a crazy thing to complete!


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