Epcot Trip Report 5-3-21

As I sit and enjoy a beverage, which was really $4.50 spent for a 15 minute legal mask break, I thought I’d take a stab at a trip report. Well, a day trip report from a local with a day off who isn’t actually on vacation. Epcot today!

For starters, this is the first time I’ve ever created and used a touring plan. My goodness, is this wonderful! I’m a full hour ahead of schedule, AND I’ve done two extra rides that were on the docket for tonight. 4pm, and I’ve done everything worth doing in Future World. I also did Journey Into Imagination.

Spaceship Earth- pretty cool. I was in and out before official park open. Being in the structure was neat. I wouldn’t wait an hour plus for it, but what better way to start getting in the Epcot mood!

Soarin’- Not only did it exceed my high hopes, it introduced me to the miracle of the Lines app. I got in line on a whim cause I had a window of time. The 60 minute posted wait almost scared me off. But I checked Lines, and it said 21 minutes. So I trusted it, and it didn’t let me down

Journey Into Imagination- Let’s move on

Sunshine Seasons- Great food and mobile ordering couldn’t be easier. I ordered, paid, and scheduled pickup before I left home. Highly recommend doing that

Living With the Land- first half is a total dud. You can’t hear the narration, and the “scenery” is intruded upon by views of people walking around upstairs. But then I got to the greenhouse. Absolutely stunning. I want to go again, just because I want to look closer at the garden. This alone makes it well worth your time

Seas- Ride was meh, aquarium was spectacular. Caught the dolphins at feeding time. I want to take home a manatee

Mission: Space- meh. I did Green. It did nothing for me. Maybe I’ll try Orange next time and like it more

Test Track- Fun! But probably much more so when they make the car building component available again.

And now, my Spidey sense tells me it’ll storm this afternoon. Off to get a poncho in case. Then, I’ll have the whole cooler part of the afternoon and evening to soak in World Showcase with no time pressure. Dinner at 7:30 at Teppan Edo.

Have a great day!


Is this your first time ever at Epcot? It sounds like it is from the way you’re talking.

Glad your touring plan has worked so well!


First as an adult, yes


Sounds like a great day
I’m so glad TP is working out so well for you and giving you more accurate wait times.
MS Orange is much more fun than Green…

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What an exciting day and glowing endorsement for TP. It really is magic. I love your commentary for Journey to Imagination and the manatees! Fair warning for MS orange, it is very intense if you have any motion issues. It’s the only ride in WDW that ever put me down for the count. Hope you have the best time in WS tonight!



I completely agree! Could spend hours in that greenhouse if they let me!

Maybe we’re soul mates? :flushed: I LOVE the manatees!!!


:joy: those were my top 3 favorite callouts too! Maybe we are triplets?


Well, I already told you I could have practically written your DVC post word for word, so I guess we’re soul sisters? (Other than I have daughters, but they’re 18 and 21 and I’m about to be an empty-nester.)


Sigh. I felt like the “original” was so much better…

It’s like going to a favorite restaurant after it’s changed owners and it’s just not quite the same. You go to remember how it used to be…


So I’ve heard, but I’ve never seen the original. Now I know why my brother had us skip that ride on our first WDW trip in 2012! Would not wait for that ride, but might do it if it’s a walk-on.

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Ooh, one thing to add. Maybe only available during the Flower & Garden festival. But I just had the potato and cheddar biscuit with salmon tartare. How shall I put this??? You know when chefs kiss their fingers and go MWAH? That.


They way you’ve worded this speaks volumes :joy:

Curious if there was still scaffolding in Living with the Land.

Where was that salmon tartare biscuit you speak of?


I don’t know what to call it, but there’s an expo, special use type building tucked between Canada and UK

This one?

Darn it…that one hadn’t made my cut list and now you have me rethinking that… (some of the other reviews I’d seen were kind of “it’s fine but not a standout”)


Congrats ! That “feels” like you just passed the liner test!


That’s the one