Epcot transportation question

We are visiting in December and assuming that Ratatouille will be open then. We would like to enter at the International gate so the plan was to shuttle to Hollywood Studios and then Skyliner to Epcot. Does this make sense?

It could do.

Walking from DHS might beat the Skyliner, depending on the line at CBR.

You could uber to the Swan, Dolphin, BC or BW. Swan & Dolphin has the advantage of no security check, but is the longest walk (Dolphin is closer but not open yet).

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I figure time really shouldn’t be an issue what with Epcot’s later opening time.

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Someone was saying not long ago that the Skyliner section from Riviera to Epcot wasn’t running earlier than 30-60 minutes before Epcot opening. Sounds like they were trying to limit how early people were lining up at tapstiles.

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