Epcot Touring Plan in June - WS

I made a TP for Epcot but I don’t think it includes WS. I have been to Epcot before and I actually didn’t even know they had rides (before I joined TP!) but loved to tour the WS. Is there a way to work in WS into my plans or will the TP take me around WS? We are planning to rope drop and have lunch at San Angel in Mexico at 1:45. We will probably end up leaving the park after lunch and coming back for dinner to beat the heat. Should I save WS for after dinner or do it before lunch?

We only have one day at Epcot and I feel like it is the most intimidating to make a plan! Only 30 days to go!!!

Here is the plan if you can see it! https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=4315887

World Showcase is made up of pavilions, so you’d want to add those to your plan. Each pavilion also has restaurants under meals. Any activities or rides would be listed under attractions.

I can’t see your plan because you didn’t get the sharing link.

I forgot to answer your other questions. World Showcase opens at 11ish (? Don’t remember exact time), except for a very few things (e.g., Frozen ride, Les Halles, and maybe a couple of other things). I would save it for after lunch.

I normally spend two full days at Epcot and still can’t get everything in. Make sure know what are absolute must do’s and schedule them accordingly.

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Thank you so much! I was able to update my plan to add the pavillions! It looks like I can get in a couple of countries in WS before lunch and then tour the rest when we come back. I may not end up doing all of the rides/attractions. Our must-dos are Soarin, TT, and FEE.

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