Epcot Touring Plan - Advice?

I’m having such a hard time planning our Epcot day. I’m only planning for us to spend the one day, so I know we can’t do it all. Right now I have us doing Future World West in the morning, lunch at Akershus, then FEA before our midday break. I was planning to do as much of the world showcase as the kids are up for in the late afternoon/evening, though now I’m wondering if they may be bored? Right now we won’t even make it to Future World East. We have two girls, 3 and 6. I’d like to do Test Track because I think my 6 year old and husband would enjoy it, but I just can’t figure out how to fit it in. FEA is a must because both girls are big Frozen lovers. They also both love Baymax and Big Hero 6 so that’s a must do. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Looks like a great plan for the morning. If you only have 1 day at Epcot, you do have to pick and choose. Realize that it’s a nice hike from Norway to the car so presuming possible bathroom break, it might be a good 20-25 min until you are headed out of the parking lot (or maybe we just walk slowly).

You have only allotted 10 min for each pavillion (default setting). That’s good for planning, but I suggest picking a couple of pavillions that interest you to explore, snack, shop in. It often takes 10 min or more to order a snack/drink. If you stroll around the WS and pick 2-4 pavillions to really explore, it will make it more interesting for the kids than just wandering by each one. My kids like Epcot so much we often spend 3 days there on a trip (last trip they were 13, 10, 5, and 3). There is a boat ride in Mexico that they would like and never has much of a wait. Also, check out the schedule for the street performers (acrobats, etc.) as that is fun to stop and watch for a couple of minutes. Also, my kids enjoy going to a couple of the Kidcot stops and coloring their sign and having the CMs write their names in their native language (China, Japan, Morocco, esp).

Your AM looks good, but I would question Fountain View. You’ll already be in the Land, and Sunshine Seasons has a much better selection of snacks and there are bathrooms there. Also, the Seas is right next door, and it will save you a good deal of walking by NOT going all the way to Fountain View and then all the way back to the Seas. If the girls want to meet Anna and Elsa (they’re not in Akershus), that’s right next door to FEA; you’ll probably need 30 min or so to do that.

You have not included any of the WS attractions other than FEA. The boat ride in Mexico would be very good for the kids, and usually doesn’t have a very long line. I agree with not seeing the movies or AA with DDs; although I really enjoy all of them, I don’t think they would necessarily appreciate them.

Most of WS is about eating, drinking, and shopping. If you’re not doing any of those things (or shows) America, Italy, UK, and Canada are pretty much “walk-past” countries. From an architectural perspective, Mexico, China, Germany, Japan (for the garden and koi pond), Morocco, and France are probably the most interesting. Of the live shows, the Chinese acrobats, tthe mime in Italy, and Serveur Amusement in France would probably be the most entertaining for the kids. I don’t have kids, so I can’t comment on specific Kidcot stops.

For QS in WS, Tangerine (Morocco) and Yorkshire Fish and Chips (UK) are my two favorites, but the kids might find the offerings Germany, America, and France more to their liking.

You don’t indicate if you are staying for IllumiNations or not. If not, on your way out you might want to walk past TT and see what the SB line looks like; other than right at RD, during IllumiNations is likely the shortest SB lines you will see there. You could also try for a 4th FPP for DH and DD6 after you use your FEA FPP…

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Thank you! I’ll definitely do a bit more research to figure out which pavilions will interest them, to narrow down our itinerary a bit. I’ll take a look at the schedule for the street performers too! Sounds like they’d enjoy Mexico so maybe I’ll look at doing that after FEA, before our break, depending on how everyone is doing.

Great tip on Sunshine Seasons - thank you! I was trying to figure out a convenient break spot because I know the kids won’t make it to lunch without a quick snack and I’ll probably be overdue for my second coffee. Also good to know about Anna and Elsa - they’re not listed on the Touring Plan attractions.

I would love to focus on eating and drinking in the WS (I’ve read about the Grand Marnier slush which sounds amazing) but I’m sure the kids will have other plans. I have visions of them falling asleep in the stroller while my husband and I leisurely make our way through the WS, but I’m not counting on it, that’s for sure! Haha! I’ll make note of some of the pavilions that I think will interest them. Thanks so much for the info! And great idea to check the TT line on the way out! We aren’t planning to stay for illuminations, so we may luck out!

I’m actually one of the folks who isn’t that crazy for them; they’re very sweet, not very strong, and quite small for the price. The margaritas at La Cava (inside the Mexican Pyramid), however, are amazing. The blood orange margarita is my favorite drink in WDW.

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Suggestion on keeping the kids enthralled in WS:
The street shows, like the acrobats, Sergio and others. Maybe try to make a point to have the kids see a few shows if the times work out. I’ll bet you if you pass one of them on your way to a pavillion, you’re probably gonna have to stop anyway. Also, Jammitors in Future World are a fun quick break. I kinda wish they were in World Showcase, though.

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I’ll definitely have to try it! I do love margaritas!

The boat ride in Mexico is less wowing IMO than FEA so doing it first we appreciated it more than we would have done in the reverse order.

I will be the decenting opinion, I would not plan to spend much time in WS with a 3 and 6 year old. When there are rides to be ridden and fun to be had, shopping and eating just are not going to do it. The ride in Mexico is a favorite for my family, but the rest is lost on them completely with one exception, and that is the Agent P adventure. My suggestion is to pick one country to do and let the kids do the adventure. Your 6 year old will figure most of it out with help and your youngest will get a kick out of making things happen.

Then skip the rest entirely. Add figment instead.

I never went to WDW or DL as a little kid, so I can’t make specific comments, but I did go to the NY World’s Fair when I was 5 and 6 and I loved every minute of it. Maybe just depends on the kids…

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