Epcot touring on EMH, but not a resort guest & FP question

I will have a day pass and am unable to schedule fp+ until I’m in the park. If I am at Epcot and am fortunate enough to score a test track fp, after I use it am I allowed to try and get another tier one attraction (soarin). Or do I have to book 3 FPs and have all of them expire prior to getting a 2nd tier 1? I’ve only secured them way in advance so hadn’t thought about just getting 1 and then trying for 2nd tier 1.

To make matters more interesting, I’m going to Epcot on a morning EMH, so I’ll have to hustle at 9am as I’ll be an hour behind all resort guests. I think my hope is to get a test track FP ASAP on the way to soarin. The line for soarin will be rough, but it may be worth it to try a kiosk for test track so I won’t have 2 really long lines to deal with.

Any advice (besides not going to Epcot) would be appreciated. This is an opportunity to go free and am trying to make the most of it. One of the people with me has never been before so am trying to minimize issues. I’ll do a touring plan but really can’t finalize it until I see what (if any) FPs are available at 9am after the EMH guests have been there for an hour.


You will need to pick/use 3 FP @cburnett11.
However, you can cancel the other 2 once you’re done with the first FP and try for another tier 1.
Your only concern will be availability of another tier 1 FP!
I’d FP soarin’ and run to single rider TT entrance (I hate the soarin’ line).
Good luck and enjoy!!!

Thanks a bunch!

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Agreeing with the recommendation to FP Soarin’ and do TT single rider. If you do TT single rider, you will skip the car design area. However, you can design a car in the post-ride section, if you so desire.