Epcot tour in May (concerned about heat)

We (me60, DH60, DD28, DD22) will be touring WDW mid-May this year. We toured WDW in April 10 years ago, and I don’t recall the heat being a problem. But I’ve read a couple of posts that said May starts to get very hot, and I’m wondering if I should adjust my TP for the heat.

We currently are using the late arrival two-day Epcot touring plans which have us arriving at 11AM and doing the rides first (11 to 1ish) and then touring the world showcase. I understand that the best solution would be to start touring right at RD. However, I’ve promised DD22 - who is not a morning person-- no early morning starts. We aren’t doing any TS as we want to ‘drink and snack around the world’, although I am planning to include stops in La Cava de Tequilla or similar air-conditioned lounges.

My question is whether I should keep the touring plans as is and trust we can find enough coolness in the pavilion shops/etc or adjust it so that we are touring the Future world rides around 2 to 4ish? This would mean a bit more walking/backtracking but would put us in air-conditioning during the hottest part of the afternoon. Unfortunately, it would also turn a very leisurely, go with the flow plan into something a lot more orchestrated.

So, would you try to get FPP for mid-afternoon to avoid the heat? Or do you have other tips for managing Epcot when it is hot? Or is mid-May not yet brutal heat-wise?

We love Epcot and generally go 2-3 times per trip. However, the World Showcase is very miserable for us in the afternoon, so lately we have been escaping to Future World during the hottest part of the day. We go in early April and find it hot and humid, May will be even more so. We will be there in a few weeks and have a late start planned for one day at Epcot (I have teens and they need a sleep in day every few days). We will be arriving around 11-12 through the International Gateway into World Showcase, will have lunch and then have FPP scheduled at 2, 3, and 4 pm. This is one of two days at Epcot this trip, so we have FPP for Figment, Test Track, and Spaceship Earth. Will also fit in the Pixar short film festival, shopping at Mouse Ears, and riding Mission Space if the line is not too long. Around 5 we will head back to World Showcase and will snack at the Flower and Garden food booths while we tour the countries. This is the only way we can tour Epcot with a late start (usually we rope drop and take a midday rest/pool break), it took me many trips to figure out what worked best with the heat and humidity. If I were you I would start with snacking halfway around the World Showcase for your lunch, then take the boat from the far end back to the side of the lake near Future World, do your 3 FPP then in the hot afternoon, then return to do the other side of World Showcase for dinner. It does mean more walking/planning, but is worth it to be out of World Showcase between 1:30-5 pm.

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Thank you! This information is so helpful. I had never even known about the Friendship boats until you mentioned them. Back to planning!

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The planning is the best part for me! I love it! I am still tweaking plans 4 weeks out. :wink:

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