Epcot to HS strategy help

We have not been to WDW since Jan 2020, so would love help with best strategy

Epcot to Hollywood Studios same day
7am- GOTG VQ, Remy Genie+, ROR ILL, GOTG ILL

RD main gate, early entry 830, FEA
Then maybe Test Track, Soarin

Should I try for 2nd genie+ in Epcot, or start stacking for HS as soon as tap in/or 11am? And, should I try to rapid stack with shows from Epcot?

Priorities in Epcot are:
FEA, Remy, TT, Soarin, Moana water - will also do Nemo & Crush
Breakfast or lunch at Akerhus

Hollywood Studios priorities:

Does it seem like getting all of this in is doable? HS is the park I am least knowledgeable about, and havent done genie+ yet… so, want to be realistic!

Also, preference as to RD FEA or Remy? We are staying onsite, but not @ IG. Could Minnie van to IG resort, maybe… but not sure if worth it?

Thank you all!

When are you going? Note that Test Track is closing for major refurbishment on June 17th. If you are going after that, you can remove TT from your plan. (Personally, we never bother with TT. It just really isn’t fun, except for about the 45 seconds you are outside, IMO. I’d MUCH MUCH rather ride Mission:Space than TT!

If you want to enter from IG, and you are staying on-site, you can also take transportation to HS, and then either walk or take the boat to Epcot from there. More time, less money/hassle. But, if you are going to use G+ on Remy, I see no advantage to bothering to enter from the IG.

You might be able to get it all done in one day with G+. We don’t use G+, so I’m not a good one to judge that.

Hmmm… i think i meant RotR… instead of ROR, sorry

We are going in May, so TT will still be open.

Open to either entrance for RD if one is strongly preferred. Can always switch Genie+ to FEA.

Thank you!

If you mean from a time-savings standpoint, I’d say they are somewhat even. As far as ride experience, well the clear winner is FEA! :slight_smile:


Thank you. I mean time savings. We havent yet ridden Remy, so will do once, but know we like FEA :slight_smile: I will stick with main entrance for simplicity then.

Oh, and MIssion Space is hard on my daughter, motion sick, so not as important.

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I take Meclizine! :slight_smile: (I need it for GOTG, which also makes me feel sick otherwise.)

Worth a try, thank you so much! Havent done GOTG yet either, so…

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If someone is prone to motion sickness (such as myself), I highly recommend treating it before riding GOTG. I’ve ridden it several times now, each time taking Meclizine (aka Bonine, or Less-Drowsy Dramamine), and still came off feeling SLIGHTLY nauseated. I’m not sure how I would have handled it without!

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I have never done a rapid stack so there may be ways to improve on the results with that. With that caveat, here what I would plan for EP. Note: DW and I walk fast across the parks while pushing the kids in strollers. Many people would not enjoy zig zagging across the park the way we do.

7:00 am: Get Remy LL for as early as possible. Then get ILL for GotG and RotR.
Entry Entry: RD FEA
If it is time for Remy, go to Remy and get TT LL as soon as you tap in to Remy. Go to Soarin’ Stand-by as soon as you are done with Remy.
If it is not time for Remy, ride Soarin’ stand-by.
Try to improve your TT LL time at the next drop.
As you as you tap into TT, start getting LLs for HS.
Fill in empty time with Nemo, Crush and Journey of Water.

As to whether it is doable … it is going to be tight at HS in terms of getting all those LLs (for ToT, MMRR, TSMM and MFSR) after Remy and TT and likely depends heavily on (a) how crowded the parks are that day and (b) the times you get for your Remy and TT LLs. Rapid stack at HS may get it done for you, but as I said before, I have never done rapid stack and it seems like a lot of maneuvering to take on while also trying to enjoy your time at EP and HS.


Keep in mind: Minnie Vans can be tough to get in the morning before and around park opening. Before we starting renting a car each trip, I had some frustrating times waiting for Minnie Vans.

WARNING: Renting a car and paying for premium parking is addictive (and expensive). For better or worse, I can thank @OBNurseNH for first mentioning rental cars and premium parking to me as an option a couple years ago.


You could use a regular Lyft to the Swan and walk. There is no gate there. (Unless you wanted the Minnie Van for a car seat.)

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We have no problem walking fast & zigzagging! I like your plan. Perhaps if times are not as early as desired, I would forgo TT ll in lieu of beginning stack earlier @ HS?

Anyone have recent experience with Remy genie+ @7am? I know popular, but not SDD popular, right?

Do you think worth it to RD Remy over FEA?

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Thank you! This would be very frustrating…

That I can’t really say. My kids aren’t that into Frozen. I just wanted to help if you did choose Remy as your rope drop option!

I will say I think Frozen is probably an easier LL to get…

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If coming from Main Gate at Epcot, get an LL for Remy and rope drop FEA and TT then Soarin.

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Makes sense. Thank you!

Really? I don’t think I’ve ever heard the before. I skip MS because it makes me :nauseated_face:.

TT is just boring. I am so looking forward to the update. The Tron-esque version just was weird.

But M:S has a story, And it is a unique experience not found anywhere else. The interactivity (even though not real) makes it far more engaging.

But M:S definitely requires Meclizine as well!

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