We have 2 kids that are 4 and 6 years old. We will be spending 2 days at EPCOT. Day 1 I was able to do FP’s for Soarin & Spaceship Earth and on Day 2 I got Fast Passes for Frozen Ever After and Turtle Talk. I was not able to get Test Track since it’s the same tier, so hoping to get that after we finish the first fast passes. Any suggestions of other things to do or other FP’s I should book on either day?

My niece and nephew (4.5 and 7 the first time) and (5.5 and 9 the 2nd time) liked figment and nemo.

At that age character spot (Mickey, Goofy, etc.) is a good one for a FP. The wait is longer than Turtle Talk typically. I would do Mission Space as the last FP. Assuming the 6 year old can handle it.

If you rope drop I would to TT one morning as the first ride. The other day I would do Sadness/Joy 1st thing if they really want to see them. I have read that it is the longest wait at Disney. It would be more important to rope drop these characters.

Nemo and figment are great for that age for sure. No need to get a FP for them.

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Thank you, Sadness & Joy doesn’t have FPs right? Where are they located? They would love to see them. My 6 year old THINKS she’s a daredevil and can handle everything but we will see when we get there. I added Mission Space. Thank you!

Joy and Sadness do not have FP. They are in the same building as the character spot. I do not know exactly where the entrance is. If you are going on an early morning magic day I don’t think they start until almost regular hours. I was told by more experienced people to RD Joy/Sadness (skip Baymax for now), then go to TT then Soaring, and the rest. FP for Frozen later on.

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