Epcot Timing

Me too.

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How long are you giving yourself for WS? We didn’t really do it last time because of the demographics of the group, but I would like to spend more time this year and try to see some of the storytellers. My current plan doesn’t have us being done with FW until dark, but it looks like a few of the shows continue until 7 or 8. And we will have another afternoon/evening later in the week to try to catch what we missed. It’s so hard to not have to crisscross that giant park!!

My other option is to do WS first, and FW after, but then we have to hike all the back to the American Pavilion for CP. I don’t like that idea with small kids.

We have 5 hours one day for the storytellers and holiday food booths, and 3 (or more if needed) another afternoon to finish. Last December I saw all of the storytellers, some more than once, over 2 days. Also Santa is in America. I just loved the storytellers! Don’t miss Sigrid and Julenissen in Norway, they were my favorite. Also Le Befana in Italy. You can take pictures with each performer afterwards if you like.
Don’t crisscross! We do FW first, then start around WS. Conveniently we will end up not too far from Candlelight about 45 minutes before it starts.


I wish we knew the storyteller schedules! TP has some, but I assume they are from last year and subject to change this year. And TP doesn’t have anything listed for Morocco, Germany, or Mexico. Don’t all the pavilions have storytellers?

We don’t do Santa, so being able to skip that should save us some time. The things that are messing me up are the meal at Rose & Crown and FEA. They are on opposite sides of WS and I’m struggling to do both without having some crisscrossing (assuming a day with 6 FPs). My mom is super picky about food, so there aren’t actually many options in EP that she’d be down for. Plus, we lived in London about 30 years ago and she loved going to the local pub!

Hopefully the storytellers schedules will be out soon. I don’t think they will change much from last year, so that is what I have in my plans for now. There were no storytellers in Morocco, Germany or Mexico last year but that was the first time I have been there during them so not sure if there used to be more of them.
I haven’t eaten at Rose and Crown, but just work your way around WS from there with a FEA FPP a few hours after lunch. Then slowly make your way back to America for CP. That doesn’t seem like too much backtracking. I just hate going from FW to WS then to FW then to WS.

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Both if you can do it. The little shows are great around the pavilions; and it’s beautiful at night. We closed out Epcot every night we were there.


This is what I’ve come up with for our 2 EP days:



I added Rider Switch to Soarin’, but really that will be 2 FPs, 1 regular, 1 club. This gets us to every storyteller except China. It’s also dependent upon them changing me from the 5:00 to 8:15 CP. I’m hoping Signature Services will be able to handle that for me.

Looking good!

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Which day are you going? We’re doing the 6:45pm show on 12/4 with a PPO GG breakfast. We’re doing two Epcot days so we can be sure to hit everything in WS with the booths and storytellers.


Disney: you can have your own private Disney tour guide who will make sure you can do whatever you like for $4000 for 7 hours (within reason, otherwise its $12,000).

Me: Okay, as long as I can share with others so it is ONLY $400 per person in my party (Disney math).


I would totally do this too if I could split it with others! $400 per person sounds like a bargain. Too bad you aren’t there between 12/26 and 1/2. :rofl:

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We’re going 12/2 (and 12/6). I think I’ve decided not to do my GG PPO. Our CP is tied to our Rose & Crown ADR.

@DumboRunner is stubborn and won’t change her dates to fit my schedule either!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: