Epcot Thursday- optimized test track middle of day

First time using touring plans. We had planned to to test track at rope drop and it was even first when in optimized my touring plan. As of two days ago they have it as like the 6th item with a 28 minute wait. Everything in me says go to test track first… thoughts? They have crowd as a 3 that day. Maybe that’s why?

I’d copy the plan, move things where you want them on the copy, and evaluate. I’d also check the opening time of Club Cool because last time we were there the plan sent us there at 10 and it didn’t open till 10.30. You have it at 9.26. Then see how you like the evaluated plan.

Thank you!!!$ would have just assume club cool was open when it said. I appreciate the help

It might be! It just wasn’t for me so it stood out to me :joy:

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Test Track is notorious for being down first thing in the morning!! I would head to Soarin’ first.


We also went to club cool based on TP and it wasn’t open yet. And after I had been talking it up to the whole family…we went and saw Pixar shorts first but their faith in my touring plan was shaken. So yeah, check when it opens!


Thank you