Epcot strategy

I know this is all speculation, but I value your opinions! For July 3 trip, we have 8:00 am preRD breakfast at Akershus. We are staying offsite, so FPP window is coming soon. Should we try for Frozen Ever After after breakfast, and FP Soarin, or head to Soarin after breakfast and FP Frozen ride for later. Which ride will be crazier at park opening? Thanks in advance!

I think since you’ll be there already your plan to ride FEA right after breakfast makes the most sense


I went the “divide and conquer” route for our upcoming trip in August. I have the park split into “East Epcot” and “West Epcot”, and I have only plugged in the Future World attractions for a custom touring plan. The idea is to tour hard from park open, maybe a country or two before lunch, slip out and get in the pool for a while, then back in for dinner in World Showcase and wandering the pavillions until Illuminations.

I sure hope it works.

Will Frozen be open before 11am?

Yes, Frozen will open at 9 am. I have 8 am ADR at Akershus and my plan is to hit Frozen asap after breakfast / before rope drop. It definitely makes sense to go to FEA after Akershus b/c it’s basically in the same building.


I think that’s your best possible bet. The likelihood of being able to get a FEA fp at 30 days will be pretty slim since it’s new. Of course Soarin’ is also new with the extra theater and new film, but that’s a lot higher capacity than the frozen boats.

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Keep checking but I just tried to look for earlier times (current FP for Frozen is at 10:30am) and for our day (June 25th) there are no more FP’s available. I wonder if at lunch time, standby may be shorter lines.