Epcot Second Tier FPs, what do you grab?

Heading to Epcot for the first time in June and am trying to figure out second tier FPs. I have heard definitely do it for Spaceship Earth and Mission Space (green) and others who say it’s not necessary. Anyway what have you/will you go for? (planning to FP Frozen for my Tier 1)

We do character spot and mission space (orange). Spaceship Earth is probably better than mission space (green). TP has a webpage about this but I forget what they recommend.

I did Seas with Nemo and Friends and Spaceship Earth one day, and the other Epcot day I did Living with the Land and Mission Space Orange. I wouldn’t really do it for Mission Space Green but it’s up to you. I’ve never seen wait times longer than 15 minutes for the Green side on the Lines App.

We do Spaceship Earth and Mission Space Orange. But we don’t actually do any other tier 2 rides.

Character Spot and Mission:SPACE are our tier 2 priorities.

Make a personalized TP and optimize it to see what attractions would get the best benefit from an FPP.

Soarin’ is usually an easy ride to get on first thing in the morning, especially if you plan an early Garden Grill breakfast which is what we normally do, or just run there when the gates open :slight_smile: Test Track is always a priority for me although there is a single rider line. We like our party together for picture purposes.

Usually Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land is what I book for Tier 2. Never did the Character Spot since I have the Disney Visa so I see the characters there, no lines usually.

Figment and Spaceship Earth

My standard is SE and MS Orange. If I have a second EP day planned, it will be Living with the Land, and a re-ride of one of the other two.

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When I went online to book Mission Orange - it just came up as one Mission choice - does this mean you choose once you join the queue?
Also for Mission Orange - could I send my son on at 14 years with his sister 11 years? without us or does an adult need to be in there with them? Don’t really fancy the Orange as I get quite bad motion sickness?
Thanks in advance for responses

I was just going to say that I think the Mission Space FP+ works on either Green or Orange, you don’t have to specify. I’m pretty sure your kids are plenty old enough to ride alone. I believe 7 is minimum.

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Thanks melcort10 x

Is a FP for Livin with Land necessary?

Since they introduced FPP, yes it is quite often.

I’ve put Living with the land into my TP at 1:00 on a CL=8 day and it’s saying only 6 min wait. Would you say that’s no longer accurate?

I would guess it probably has shorter waits once WS opens at 11. We don’t ride it so I don’t have personal experience but I’ve seen complaints on chat about 40 minute waits for it, at times.

ETA I’ve just looked at the plans I did for my family last year, CL4, and it was a 10 minute wait straight after Soarin at RD.

Since FPP, wait times for Living with the Land seem to be really erratic. Catch it at the right time and it is a walk on, wrong time and it’s 30 minutes or more. It’s not a bad use of a tier 2 FP at Epcot as I think after Spaceship Earth the other Tier 2’s are all kind of meh and if mistimed the line can long enough that I’d skip Living with the Land…

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I just checked our touring plan for that day. I have scheduled Living with the Land for 5:15 with hopefully a Soarin FPP for 6:00ish. The crowd level that day is projected at a 5. We have ADR at The Garden Grill for 7:00. So that gives us an hour and 45 minutes to do Living with the Land and then FP Soarin. I’m assuming this will be plenty of time?

Should be.