EPCOT Rumors- World Showcase addition

So before D23, there were lots of rumors about what would be coming to EPCOT. One of the rumors centered around the addition of new countries added to the world showcase and Brazil along with Spain seemed to be the leading contenders for the addition. The reasoning behind Spain being that Disney was working on a new animated film, Gigantic, with Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who wrote the music for Frozen. Gigantic would be a retelling of Jack and Beanstalk with a female giant and set in Spain during the time of exploration. However, today it was announced that Gigantic is no longer happening. So… doesn’t look like Spain will be coming to the World Showcase anytime soon.

Here’s the Playbill article…

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I doubt sincerely that Disney would consider a new country for WS based solely on a tie-in to a movie. IF there is going to be a new country added, Brazil appears to be the most likely choice. Other EP rumors: France IS getting a Ratatouille ride, similar to the one in Paris.UK is probably getting an attraction and a “Brave” theme seems to be the front-runner in the rumor mill. Mary Poppins is a fan favorite for this, but I’ve read that there are issues with Travers’ estate. Grand Fiesta in Mexico may be getting a Coco overlay, removing Donald and the Three Caballeros. In FW, UoR is already closed and WILL be getting a GotG attraction, that will likely be a coaster of some sort, but virtually no details have been leaked.


That is not how the decision process works though. It is all to do with sponsors for the nations involved.

Brazil is coming because the corporate sponsors are lined up, deals already being put together. However it seems unlikely there will be any kind of ride there when it opens.

Whether the next nation is Spain, which is one of the possibilities, doesn’t depend on any film in the works. Primarily they need corporate sponsors willing to invest. I’m sure there will be decisions made as to which nations they want to actively pursue sponsorship from, maybe to do with widening geographical representation, but ultimately the nations selected will be those where Disney are able to finalise deals.

Countries like India, Greece, Egypt could all be on a short list along with others. Which actually gets developed is anyone’s guess just now.


The fact that Spain was planned to be in the WS from the beginning, but never came to be was part of the rationale behind the rumor. There’s vintage EPCOT plans out there that include Spain as a country. The people pushing this rumor were using the recent use of films’ successes to add kid-friendly attractions to the pavilions and the “re-branding” of EPCOT to fuel the discussion. I’m not saying that the film was the sole basis of the rumor or the rationale for adding Spain. I’m saying that with the film not happening now and the recent trends in attractions additions, it looks like Spain will not be added anytime soon.

I agree that Brazil is most likely the next to open.

There are always issues with the Travers’ estate…


I also read that it’s possible that Epcot could introduce 2 new countries at the same time

Brazil and Spain

Any additions would be welcome additions. I really wish that IP wasn’t one of the main decisions with Disney Parks, but it seems to be the state of the union these days. Corporate sponsorship has always been the main factor into what countries come in to WS. I’d love to see Spain, Brazil, India, Greece, and Egypt! Why not all 5!!

For those saying Brazil is pretty definite, when do you think this would open? By the 2021?

I don’t think the film makes an iota of difference to whether Spain is added. As has been said, it’s about corporate sponsorship. They may have put a ride based on the film in had the film been made, but they could just as easily put in a film like the ones in France, China and Mexico which are completely unrelated to Disney films.