Epcot rope drop

We are leaving in 16 days (yay!). I am finalizing my touring plans. We are going to Epcot on a CL 3 day.

I have a 9:10 FP for spaceship earth. I was planning to rope drop soarin, then spaceship earth, then head over to Nemo. Touring plans has us arriving at Nemo at 10:21. When I switch the first 2- scan into spaceship earth at 9:05 and then head to soarin- touring plans has us arriving at Nemo at 10:16. Even though the soarin wait is 8 minutes longer, we save more than that in walk time.

I have never been to Epcot, so I have no concept of how far the attractions are from each other. I am still considering heading to soarin first bc 1.we can actually get there sooner than touring plans says? Touring plans has us arriving at soaring at 9:16, but if we rope drop, they will let us walk back sooner? 2. If test track is down (happens frequently?), lots of those people will head to soarin? Any thoughts?

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If you are there at least 30 minutes before rope drop then you will get there earlier :slight_smile:

Do you have FP for Test Track or did you use tier 1 on Frozen ever after. I would get there 30 min. early, RD Soarin, do Nemo and then use FP for Spaceship Earth. Truth be told I would do Living with the land after Soarin, Nemo, then SE. you can always modify time if needed or do standby. SE is a fast loading ride that gets a line at RD or during busy times of year. Otherwise it’s not a long wait. Good luck.

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Frozen Ever After. We have 2 daughters who loooovvvvveeee Frozen!

I am gonna try to get Test Track as a 4th fastpass or skip it. Only one kid is tall enough, and I don’t think she will be that impressed anyway.

Thank you, I have rearranged to your suggestion, which works much better for us.

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Watch Brian’s rope drop video too. On a CL3 day, not sure if you need to get there so early or not. We went Tuesday. It was supposed to be CL4, but with the rain, it ended up as a 1. But it wasn’t raining first thing in the morning. You should be fine going to Soarin as soon as you get there. What time is your 3rd FPP? If it’s early enough, you’ll prob be able to get a TT for later in the day on a CL3.

We were at Epcot last month (Friday 02-03-2018) and it ended up being a CL 4.

We arrived 35 minutes before opening (08:25) and it went like this:
09h01 – 09h22 (21) : Soarin’
09h25 – 09h28 (3) : Meet Baymax
09h29 – 09h52 (23) : Meet Joy & Sadness
09h58 – 10h07 (9): The Seas with Nemo & Friends (1st FP+)
10h08 – 10h33 (25) : Explore the Seas
10h40 – 11h02 (22) : Spaceship Earth (2nd FP+)
11h04 – 11h14 (10) : Project Tomorrow
11h20 – 11h51 (31): Test Track (3rd FP+)
11h56 – 12h30 (34): Cantina (LUNCH)
12h37 – 13h06 (29): Test Track (4th FP+)
13h06 – 13h22 (16) : Test Track Pavillon
13h35 – 15h15 (100) : World Showcase (Mexico to Morocco)
15h15 – 15h31 (16) : Friendship Boat (Morocco to Future World)
15h40 – 16h04 (24) : Soarin’ (5th FP+)

We were on the first theater at Soarin’. The posted wait time at 09:22 (when we got out) was already at 40 minutes. I agree with @BoilerMomPharmD: By arriving at the park 30 minutes before opening, you should have done with Soarin’ at 09:30. Even if TT is down at RD, it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re ahead of the pack.

Then, we were able to grab a 4th FP+ for Test Track for 4 riders and grab a 5th FP+ for Soarin’ for 4 riders.

Just refresh the app and you should be able to get an additional FP+ for Soarin’ or TT (2 riders). I have not tried to get additional FP+ for FEA.

Have a nice trip !

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If it helps to hear it from someone else, my DS6 was thoroughly unimpressed with TT last summer. He still talks about how disappointing the ride was. But he did love designing the car.

@OncleBoum Thanks for the detailed times. It’s really helpful!

With little people, I would minimize the walking. They aren’t that far away from each other but far enough. Epcot is a lot of walking by the end of the day. I would do rope drop Soarin, Living with the Land, Nemo, and Imagination and push back your FP for Spaceship Earth.

As for TT, DS6 and DD8 did enjoyed the ride, but they enjoyed as much designing the car.

Even if you don’t do the ride, you may still go to the TT Pavilion where they’ll still be able to design a car and play other little games.

Thanks all! Thanks @OncleBoum for those specific times- very helpful!

I have altered my rope drop plan and fastpasses to: Soarin, (Maybe living with the land), Seas with Nemo (FP 9:15), Turtle Talk, Spaceship Earth (FP 10:30), Frozen (FP 11:35). Then we will try to get a TT FP for the evening.