EPCOT Rope Drop..FEA or TT?

Two weeks from today, we start our first trip to Disney in EPCOT. Don’t have FP for either FEA or TT. Hoping to do both at RD and move on from there. I’ve read about the tendency of TT to be down at RD, so which should I plan to do first assuming TT is functional?

Inputting both attractions into TP then swapping them around doesn’t seem to make much difference to overall wait times but i’ve also read that TPs doesn’t take into account RD. And also, would trying to do both at RD be un-realistic? Park opens at 9, so should I plan to be there at say, 730?

Lastly - right, like I’ll not have any more questions - We have reservations for the 6:15 HDDR. Planning to leave EPCOT early enough to take the monorail to MK then one of the boats to Fort Wilderness. Sound ok? Disney extended MK hours on that Sunday to 10pm. Before the extended hours, I was planning to head back to the resort and chill because Monday is our first AK day, complete with an attempt to RD FOP even though I have a FP for it later in the week. With the extra hour at MK, would it be worth riding a boat from Fort Wilderness back to MK for a couple hours in park…provided the boats are operating from Fort Wilderness back to MK.

Do you have other FP?

We were there in August. We had a 9:20 FP for TT. We arrived at 8 for 9 open. At RD we went to FEA then straight to Soarin and then out FP for TT. Finished all three headliners before 10

We decided to get our FP for TT because it is down a lot.

Can’t comment on FEA, but TT has a reputation for delayed openings. I’m not a huge fan of TT, but if I want to do it, I get an FPP.

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I think the FastPass for Test Track is definitely the way to go. We rd FEA with no problem and ended up riding it twice. Then we met Elsa and Anna (10 minute wait) then did our test track fpp. Worked very well.

I would consider budgeting for a Minnie Van if you are going directly from EPCOT to HdDR. Monorail from E to TTC then to MK and Boat will work, but will be time consuming. Minnie Van is much faster and drops you almost directly at Pioneer Hall.

I didn’t use Minnie van very much, but I did use it to get to MK and to HDDR and felt like the time savings was worth the cost.

The FPs i do have are for Soarin’, Spaceship Earth and Mission Space. Seems like Soarin’ and Test Track are both Tier 1, so i can’t get both. So the subsequent plan was to RD TT but then I decided to throw in FEA too. Just wondering which i should do first considering being there at RD.

The idea behind taking the monorail\boat is to let our kids experience both without consideration of saving time. But i’m keeping the Minnie Van and regular Lyft\Uber as a solid choice if time somehow becomes an issue. Does regular Lyft\Uber drop off close to Pioneer Hall or will i have to take the internal bus system also? Thanks.

If the goal of the transport is the experience, then it is perfect. No worries. Just be aware that it could easily take 90 minutes or so to get to Pioneer Hall from EPCOT via monorail/monorail/boat.

Regular Uber/Lyft drop at the front of FW and you have to use the internal bus system. Minnie Van is the only transit that gets close to Pioneer Hall (same with transport to MK, Minnie Van drops at bus drops, regular Uber drops at TTC).