Epcot Rope Drop and FEA

My family will be entering Epcot through the international gateway and we are wanting to head straight to FEA since we chose to FP Soarin’ instead. What can I expect? TP projects a 30 minute wait right away. If we head over there right after rope drop, is this accurate? It isn’t projecting us getting there until 9:15. We are going to do this regardless, but I was hoping someone on here has done this and can give me and idea. Crowd levels are expected to be a 7.

I’d probably trust what TP says - similar to what a friend reported recently, they went though IG too. Also, I’ve heard that the line is awesome and wait goes by very quickly. :slight_smile:

On Sunday, January 29th, we Rope Dropped FEA from IG and it was a walk-on. The only wait time was the time it took to walk through the switchbacks. We were among the first through the tapstiles but we didn’t walk especially fast. It was a little rainy though, so that might have kept the morning crowds down.

In any case, if you get there before 9:15, I don’t think you’ll wait the 30 minutes it’s telling you. We had some extra time because the wait was shorter than the TP projected, so we threw in a quick Baymax hug.

(Auto-correct wanted “Baymax” to be “Batman”! Maybe you can meet him at Six Flags, but I doubt he gives hugs.)


I wrote Tour Plans and asked a similar question. The 30 minute wait that they predict is based on you being in the middle of the crowd at rope drop. So if you are like us, we are always at the front at rope drop. Which results in no wait times. (Or very little) Also what I do to make the actual Tour Plan more accurate, is to write in an extra false Fastpass for your first ride of the day. This will show a more reasonable wait time of only a few minutes.
Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info! I am a very detailed planner, so I like to know what to expect.