Epcot rideshare

We are not staying on property and are planning on taking a rideshare to EPCOT. One of the rides that my daughter wants to do is Remy. My thought is to be dropped off at either the Swan or Boardwalk, so we can go through the international gateway to try and get a jumpstart for the line. Does anyone know if the Boardwalk and Swan have restrictions for Rideshare drop offs and would be able o enter through the gateway entrance?

It would be much safer to get dropped off at Swan or Dolphin. Although you might get lucky at Boardwalk, generally it is a challenge to get dropped off in the morning.

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Stayed at Swan Reserve last month and rideshares picked up/dropped off right across the street at Fantasia Gardens minigolf, which was just about a 10 minute walk to IG.


If you want to try it, you could always go to BC and if they don’t let you drive in, just get off at the gate and walk from there. It’ll still be a shorter walk than from Swophin.

(I’m suggesting BC for this because the walk from the hotel gate is shorter than at BW)

Have you ever had a ride share drop you there?

My go-to answer is to be dropped off at HS early and walk over to EP, as long as you don’t mind the walk.

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I’ve jumped out at the Contemporary gate once

There is a sidewalk and crosswalk there? I think there is only a driveway at BC leading up to the resort?

At BC there is a walkway for example beside the bus gate, where there is room for a car to stop. Just saying that there are legit ways to walk into the resort even if you don’t drive inside, but of course driving in would be the main goal. I’m not sure how strict they are right now.

I realize I was not clear when I wrote

That reference from me was how CR has a crosswalk and sidewalk.

Maybe I am wrong but I would not want to test the BC guard this way.

When we went to Jellyrolls, our Uber driver let the guard know that he was dropping off and we did not have an issue. The next morning we were asked if we had a reservation at a restaurant and had to be dropped off at the Swan. The next time we went to Epcot, we decided to just be dropped off at the Swan. This ended up working very well and we were held at the bridge just before France and were able to ride Remy with minimal wait.

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