Epcot Resort Area Shops

My wife is going on a business trip, and will be staying at the Dolphin. At some point she would like to buy some souvenirs for our family, but she won’t have time to go to the parks, and possibly not even Disney Springs. Is there enough merchandise variety among the resort gift stores that she could just do a lap around the resort area to shop? Or would she be better of trying to make the effort to head to Disney Springs? Thanks!

I think the BW shop is the largest of the three Disney resorts on that loop. It is right out on the boardwalk too, no need to go through the BW lobby. She could also take the SL to AoA and Pop, the later I know will have more selection that any EC area Deluxe resort. The shop at Riv is one of the smallest on property I’ve ever seen so don’t bother even stopping there.


I agree with @vcka. Definitely start at the BW store. BC and YC do have small stores with a decent selection too.


Thirded on the Boardwalk shop, it’s a pretty good all around store with toys, clothing, souvenirs etc.

You can view a bunch of walk through videos of the resort and shops on youtube and get an idea what they have.