Epcot RD Plan

I’m trying to RD Epcot on 12/15 (CL5) and trying to order TT, FEA, and Anna and Elsa M&G as my first 3 attractions before my ADR at Akershus at 10:50. Does anyone have a recommended order and is it reasonable to try to get them all in? I looked at the wait times and TT and FEA increase steadily through the morning and Anna and Elsa shoots up to 20 min. and then stays there.

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Did you plug them into a TP and hit “optimize?”

One risk you take with doing TT first is that it is sometimes down first thing in the morning, and if so you have wasted a bit of your RD time. Not too much, though, if you are entering through the main gate and then continuing on to Norway.

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That’s a good idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.
FWIW, the optimizer says I should be able to ride TT with about a 15 minute wait, FEA with about a 25 minute wait, do the M&G with a 20 minute wait, and make my reservation by 10:45…IF everything goes smoothly.


In this case, you could grab a FPP for Frozen for about 10:00. Hit TT at RD, then move to the M&G. THis will be fine IF TT is up at RD. The iffy part is tht TT is down A LOT at RD. SO much, that I might consider getting a TT FPP for after your ADR. RD Soarin’ then go to Frozen and the M&G afterwards… Its a thought.

But, I think it is reasonable to get Frozen, the M&G and one other attraction (TT or Soarin’) in before your ADR.

Yes, often the school of thought is to get the FPP for TT; that way if it is down, you get an anytime FPP and can come back for it later not on standby.

Well, walking is tough on grandma, so we were saving our Tier 1 FP for afternoon Soarin’ and trying to stick to the left side of the park on the way to the ADR.

How accurate is the MDE app. at rope drop? If we wanted to make a last minute decision on TT vs. Soarin’ before FEA and M&G, would we be able to check on the downtime in real time?

Edit: Although plugging it into a TP, it doesn’t look like we could do Soarin’, FEA, and the M&G before 10:50.

Well, generally speaking, yes

But with the wonkiness of MDE I would just say, I hope so.

When I am in the parks, I use the “list view” on MDE for wait times, and the attractions that are offline are clustered together (at the bottom of the list I think).

Yes i think it is generally pretty accurate.