Epcot plan help

My goal is to do Future World in the am, return to the Beach Club for midday, then do World Showcase in the late afternoon/evening, but trying to hit Soarin’ and/or Test Track again. The optimized plan isn’t doing it for me so I’m looking for advice.


How long would you break for?

A few weeks ago, we did Future World in the AM, hit Biergarten for lunch, left, came back for early dinner, and attempted to do World Showcase. We barely made any progress… and that was without attempting a second go on TT and Soarin’.

In order for us to see your plan you need to “publish” it (look in the Edit Basic Info section) and post the link that it provides you.

Doing a complete tour of WS in a plan that has a midday break is pretty difficult, if not impossible. That may be why the Optimizer is not giving you the results you want.

Thanks… http://touringplans.com/plans/1271339

To be clear, I don’t expect to be able to tour all of WS, just some of it.

For those who are interested, the link to the published plan is http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1271339

What do you not like about this plan? The problems I see are that you are hitting Illuminations late and doing Soarin’ after the park is closed, but I would expect that given the number of attractions that you have plus the near 3-hour break.

In my above example… we got in Mexico before the fireworks started. Just Mexico.

I guess I don’t like it because I only have one pavillion in the plan. Maybe I should add those, but I’m not sure which I want to see. I really don’t plan to watch all of the movies or shows in WS. I was hoping to hit the American Experience, Grand Cabelleros, and just look around the other nations more or less. I was only there briefly before and really didn’t do much than walk around the lake because my kids had no interest. So I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether my plan is realistic.

If you want to more fully experience WS then I would say that your plan is not realistic. I find that the standard time allotment for each pavilion (10 min) is too short in the first place, even if you do not do the “extra” attractions that are at some pavilions. I have a TP that does a “full” tour of WS (2 steps for each pavilion plus additional attractions), and it takes a full day to complete on a CL 2 day.

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If you’re unsure of exactly what you want to see in World Showcase, I wouldn’t make a specific plan for it. Figure out what time you want to take your break (we typically do after lunch because our 2yo needs to nap), make a plan for Future World from park opening until break time, then just tour WS at your leisure when you return to the park. Look at the map and decide which countries you’re most interested in, start on that side and work your way around. If you want to make sure you have a good spot for Illuminations, plan to stop touring and secure one around 8pm. You probably won’t see all of WS this way, but that’s just an excuse to plan another trip. :wink:

Hmm… There’s a lot of doubling back in this plan.
My fiddly suggestions:

  1. Take The Seas with Nemo ride into the Seas tank area (it’s the natural segue), and watch Turtle Talk while you’re there. One of these would be a reasonable FPP option.

  2. Try to get FPP for Character Spot and go there when you’re near the Seas or the Land, otherwise it’s a long walk back. Epcot is huge. Character spot always takes longer than expected, even with FPP. We have always waited 10-20 min with FPP, then the tour of characters takes about 15 min.

  3. Since you may add Turtle Talk in the am, hit the UK on your way out to BC, but don’t try to hit American pavilion at the same time… too much.

  4. Do Agent P AND visit Mexico Pavillion AND ride 3 Caballeros (which is inside the Mexico pavilion) all at the same time. The Caballeros are way in at the back and you’ll waste time walking back and forth if it’s not part of the “Mexico” part of your plan.

  5. You can’t do Epcot in one day. Or two days. Or three days. It is the largest, most complex and most nuanced of the parks. If you really take your time and enjoy a few things, it will help to assuage that slightly panicked feeling that you’re not seeing enough.

Oh, and remember exactly how much you paid for this totally random internet stranger advice… :wink: Enjoy the trip.

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One trick I’ve used with success with a TP for Epcot is if you are willing to do Test Track as a single rider I put it in as a FP even though I don’t get one for it. the TP becomes more accurate because the single rider line is closer in time to the FP line

Doing EP in one day - even WITHOUT a 3 hour break - is almost impossible.

Your FPPs confuse me. You show 3, but only use 1 of them. And you then do those attraction at other times than your FPP times. This seems like a waste of FPPs to me.

That being said, here are some observations.

  1. Getting from the IG to TT in 15 min will be a serious aerobic workout; wear your Nikes.

  2. Your AM FW plan looks reasonable, but I would do Turtle Talk while you are in the Seas vice coming back to it later.

  3. Why end your AM at America when you’re starting your afternoon there? UK is right next to the IG; It’s a fairly long walk to America (and back), and other than the show (which I HIGHLY recommend), there is really nothing to see there. Cut that step out and save yourself 20-30 min. As an alternative, you could check out Canada which is right next to the UK. Then when you return after the break, you can start with France and check out Morrocco and Japan on your way to America.

  4. Going from Mexico to The Seas to China is crazy - especially as you are already going to be in the Seas in the AM. The way you have it, you’ll spend 30-40 minutes walking for a 10 minute show.

  5. This is what I would do. After America, continue circling WS past Italy, Germany, and China, spending some time in each as you see fit. You presumably have an Akershus ADR for 6:15. When you get to Norway, check the time; if you’re close to 6:15, check out Norway and then have dinner. If you’re more than 30 min early, visit Mexico next door and ride Grand Fiesta, then come back for dinner.

  6. I have never done Agent P so I don’t know exactly how it works, but you should be able to work that into one of the WS country stops.

  7. I’ve never eaten at Akershus, but from what I’ve read here, most people allow closer to 90 minutes, if you want to meet all of the princesses. You’re “realistically” looking at being done around 7:30 PM. The park closes at 9:00PM, so that gives you 90 minutes to “complete” your plan; there is no possible way you can do everything you have listed. You list IllumiNations as something you want to see; it begins at 9:00 PM, and on a CL 7 day, you’re probably going to want to find a place to watch about 30 min prior. So in reality, you’ll only have about an hour between dinner and finding a spot.

  8. Spaceship Earth is a “must-see”; I would go there immediately after dinner. Factoring in walking time from Norway to SE, waiting on line, doing the ride, and walking back to WS, most of that hour will be used up.

  9. Given that you only have 1 day at EP - and one with a long break in the middle - I really would not roccommend doing TT and Soarin’ twice. Granted, they’re great rides (well, at least Soarin’ is), but unless you want to skip everything else on your list after dinner, there just isn’t time for either, let along both.

This is a very “fast” visit to EP. Except on rare occasions, I always send a full RD-to-closing day (preferably one with EMH) with no breaks other than 2 TS meals, and at least a second half day. I don’t claim that you will be able to spend “much” time in each country of WS, but you should have at least enough time to walk through each one and maybe stop in a shop or two.