EPCOT Plan 6/6/15

Any advice is appreciated. We are not planning on arriving until lunch time
3 adults and (1) 7yr old
Epcot is our least favorite park but we want to see Illuminations and my son has never ridden Soarin
I know there are some breaks in the plan and not certain what to fill them with or if the fastpasses look correct

I’m always sad when someone says Epcot is their least favorite park. It’s my favorite!!! Adults generally find World Showcase to be a lot of fun. There really is so much to see, it’s all in the details, and interacting with all of the international CM’s in each country. Maybe your son would enjoy doing some Agent P adventures or the Kidcot stations while you guys tour your way around the showcase?

As for your touring plan unfortunately you can’t really get FP for Soarin’, Test Track, and Illuminations. Those are all tier 1 fast passes and you are only allowed to pre-book one of them. In theory after you use your three pre-booked passes you can go to a kiosk to book more, however, the likelihood of arriving in afternoon and still being able to get a tier one fast pass is fairly unlikely.


Echoing what @Outer1 said. Once you have only 1 Tier FPP and re-optimize you should find that a lot of your free time will be used standing in line. Also, you probably don’t need an FPP for TTwC. If you have time left, what about SE (which you can FPP) or Ellen (which is a massive time suck, but am least you are in AC).

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sorry everyone I am completely new to this. Does this look any better.
If we did not FP Soarin how long do you think the wait would be for 2 people. My 7 year old I dont will really ride this so one of the other adults who does not want to ride can stay with him.

You still have a lot of free time - over a hour and a half after The Seas and an hour after Impressions de France - so you can add more attractions.

I don’t understand your question about Soarin. You do not have FPP reservations for it in the plan, so the wait should be what it says. Do you mean Test Track?

[quote=“dctm, post:4, topic:11485”]
If we did not FP Soarin how long do you think the wait would be for 2 people[/quote]

I’d expect to wait longer for Soarin than the 45 minutes predicted on the plan, although maybe Touring Plans is counting on crowds being lighter with a lot of kids being stuck in school longer this year with makeup days for snow, in which case I guess that’s possible. They usually aren’t that far off when it comes to predicting wait times, but I’d still rather plan for an hour and then be pleasantly surprised if the wait is less.

I like the idea of having time to wander World Showcase in the evening, so I wouldn’t worry much about trying to fill in the empty space there. You can grab a snack and find a place to watch Illuminations 30 minutes before the show, so that’ll fill in some time (you’ll still get a decent spot if you wait until 20 minutes before the show, but at that point in the day it’s nice not to be rushed). Hopefully your 7 year old likes some of the kidcot activities and/or the Phineas and Ferb game (as an adult I still like to see the characters appear in the different World Showcase pavilions). Others have created different “passports” that form some sort of scavenger hunt to draw kids to the different countries, so that’s another way of creating interest for a younger traveler. You can buy these from Disney, also, but I like some of the ones others on the forums have shared better.

Thank you! I was thinking the same thing re: Soarin but wasn’t really sure.

Looks like a good plan. I would add club cool and put test track Pavillion after test track and maybe stop by China acrobats if there is a show about the time you are passing through.