Epcot or MK resort in Nov '20

We are currently booked Nov trip for BeachClub because of Wine/Food festival at Epcot. But with reopening, I’m hearing a lot of rumors that Epcot may be the last to reopen and/or maybe no festivals. Wondering if I need to make a resort change over to a MK resort. They are showing almost all sold out - pricing is expensive.

Might be worth it to keep the current one and book a “just in case” room at MK if you are concerned about that.

Everything at this time is pure speculation on everyone’s part. Disney has been pretty tight lipped about their plans and anything you’re reading out there is just guesses. I’m not sure I would change an entire plan based on rumor and speculation. But if it were a true and deep concern and I wanted to be able to go no matter what, I might book a just in case and cancel once plans became clearer. A room only requires just a one-night’s stay to book and is refundable up to 5 days in advance. A package requires only a $200 deposit and is refundable up to 30 days in advance.


Can I double book? with the same people on the reservation?

That’s a good idea if you can temporarily afford the cost of the one-night deposit (for room only).

November if far enough away, I think it is even HARDER to guess what things might look like by then. Of course, it is all guesswork right now, but I think the further out you go, the more uncertainty there is.

You can, but if possible I would use a different lead guest. That way the system will be less likely to pick it up. If the same lead guest is on both reservations, you do run the risk of one being bounced out.

I generally assume, fairly or not, that people with a vacation on the books have vacation money budgeted in one way or the other and that since both reservations will not be used in the end, allocating some of that fund to a temporary reservation would likely be feasible.

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Yes, you’re right. Seems like a safe assumption. :slight_smile:

This is what we did to book two rooms for August. While it is through the same MDE account, I have one room booked with me as the lead guest, and the second room booked with my DS18 as the lead guest.

Makes sense; what DS18would want to share a room with his parents… :slight_smile:

I have the exact same concerns/thoughts. We rescheduled our summer trip to Beach Club and I also booked a Magic Kingdom hotel as well, just in case…