Epcot or HS for 2 days?

Hello,This will be our second trip with kids. . first was last April. We have 6 park days, no hoppers. Was planning to do MK 2 days, EP 2 days, HS and AK each once BUT last year, we I felt like we didn’t get to do some of the shows at HS because Jedi training (which will again be a must-do) really eats into your day between the sign ups, getting back there 1/2 hour early, and the show. Plus Baymax was a long wait last year, as I expect Olaf will be this year. We’ll want to also do RnRC, ToT, the Olaf greet, TSMM, Launch Bay, plus Indiana Jones and BaTB, which we couldn’t fit in last year. Feeling like there is too much RD stuff to do in one day!! Hard to make a TP around Jedi Training, too!

On the other hand, felt like we didn’t have a ton of time to explore WS last year in one day, either, and now with new Frozen ride, that could mess up RD plans there as well!! We are at Beach Club, so hopefully that will make it easy to take a break after Future world, and head back to WS?

Questions: 1.What has been people’s experience with JTA sign ups, then trying to get in other stuff early? Last year, it seemed to take forever but we got to park at 8:30, which was probably too late? Would like to head to RnRC and Olaf greet right after. (CL 4)
2. How about EP with AM EMH? Possible to get in Soarin and maybe new Frozen Ride? FP Test track? Have people had good luck there? (CL 7)

Any advice would be helpful! Kids are 6,8,10, 12. . boys big Star wars fans, older girls would probably enjoy exploring WS. Thank you!!!

When is your trip?

End of August 17-27.

HS was the worst one for me to plan. It’s really hard to fit it in especially as you’ve said with JTA. That being said, if they let you pick your show (they did let us pick from any show that was available when we did it) I found that doing an evening show either the 6;10 or 7:10 allowed us to schedule in both BaTB, Indiana, plus FPPs at TSMM 9:35, Star Tours 2:50 and ToT 3:50. We also had LM in the plan and a HUGE midday break for Chef Mickey’s brunch and a short nap (left park at 10:15 and weren’t back until 3:40 at the very end of Star Tours FPP). We were going to try to do F! too but were just too tired and right at 7:30 as we were heading over they announced it was standing room only, so we got treats at the confectionary store at the start of Sunset Blvd and headed back to get an early night at our hotel. If you’re not doing F! that could be a great time to see a shorter wait on RnRC if you don’t make it for RD.

We were there April 5th on a CL 4 and while I don’t have any experience with RnRC or Olaf at/near RD, we did do JTA sign up. We also got to the parks at 8:30, got immediately in JTA sign up line (by 8:35). We left with our sign up time at 9:22 just in time to hit the 9:30 LM show for DD2. The BIG if though is, will they be doing JTA sign ups before RD? It’s not always consistent from what I hear. If JTA is a must do then for sure I would show up as early as you can manage 8am for 9am RD and get positioned so that even if they don’t open up sign-ups until RD, you’ll be done early and on your way to attractions within 10 or hopefully fewer min.

As for Epcot, I can only imagine that the Frozen ride is going to be a mob and I can’t imagine trying to get in there with even EMH crowd. I like your idea to do it after Soarin’. However, Test Track might even be better to do first and get your FP for Soarin’? I can see Soarin’ still being a rush to get to since it will have the new footage but between the new Soarin’ & Frozen Test Track might not see a lesser rush at RD? Just a total guess on my part.

Do they have an Olaf meet and greet and DHS now?

I dont see the Frozen attraction listed anywhere for June. Is it after June timeframe?

From everything I have heard they have said Frozen is opening Summer 2016. I understand why they say that but that’s pretty vague for people who book at the beginning of June thinking it will be open then.

Yes, the Olaf meet and greet at DHS opened May 4, as a soft opening. What I’ve seen about Frozen is opening in June, but no mention yet of exact dates.

yeah thats a bit frustrating given june is less than 30 days away…we will be there first week of june and i dont see any FP or anything on the TPs to be able to select the attraction and plan for it…guess will wait and see

Thanks, Lola! Lots of good information. I felt like it took us awhile to sign up last time, too, but maybe if we get there at 8, we’ll be farther up in line and can get off to RnRC faster. I just feel like it’s going to be a real jam-packed day! They also love F! and if the Star Wars FW are still going on, will want to see those. Maybe best to split into 2 days there and take my chances at Epcot, FP Soarin’ straight for TT at EMH RD and then wait at Frozen, hopefully getting there before regular RD (which I think we should be able to do). Still lots of unknowns with Frozen, HS FW, etc! Still a month till FP, so I have a little time!