Epcot one day touring plan - how does it flow?


Thinking a Soarin fast pass for 10a would make sense - anything else u recommend - we r doing Epcot 1 day with 2 teenage boys

Are we missing anything or do we have too much? Kids are not into the countries but I would like to browse quickly

I have a couple of questions- are you going to try. The Flower and Garden good booths at another time? I am really concerned you have underestimated the amount of time those meals will take.

That’s an ambitious day; I would normally use at least a day and a half to do all of that. I think planning on twice through TT and Soarin may be unrealistic. Some of your waling times seem to be a bit agressive - especially the ones between FW and WS. If you want to spend time looking around the WS shops, you might find 10 min to be too short. Also, you have not taken into account any of the “live” shows at the various countries. I also noticed that you completely skipped America; American Adventure is arguably one of the best attractions in EP. I’ve never tried the FW attractions just before closing, so I can’t comment on that aspect of your plan.

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What r the good booths? Maybe we’ll just do 1 table service meal

I guess we will do Soarin and test track 1x - maybe not do all the countries - any recommendation on which to see

The booths usually change slightly every year - it is like a mini Food and Wine but usually the crowds are very reasonable. Good booths? I always find something in Mexico, BBQ in America, shrimp and grits (I think Florida Fresh Booth). Here is a link:http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/tag/2015-epcot-flower-and-garden-festival/

Give yourself extra time to look at all the displays!

Maybe we will grab some food from the booths for dinner – changed the touring plan around a bit -

Which countries to see is really a matter of personal preference, and all are worth at least a “walk-through”. I am partial to Germany and the UK, but that’s probably because those are the countries of my ancestral origin.

Mexico is beautiful inside, and has the only “ride” in WS. If you like margaritas, DO NOT skip La Cava (inside the pyramid).

China is also beautifully done, Has a small museum, has a film, and if you can time it to see the acrobats, it’s worth the time.

Norway is pretty, but since Maelstrom closed there really isn’t much to “see” other than one relatively small shop. Kringla has some tasty treats.

I love the shops in Germany, and I always eat there; if not in BG, than I grab something at Sommerfest. The Schoeffenhoffer grapefruit beer is a favorite; it’s only 3% alcohol, but very refreshing on a hot day. The treats in Karamal Kuche are delicisous - especially the Karamal Korn. Don’t miss the model train garden.

Italy has great food, but not much else to offer unless you happen to catch the flag performers.

As I mentioned before, the American Adventure should be considered a “must-see”, and the Voices of Liberty may be the best live entertainment in EP. But if you don’t want to see the shows, walking past is all you need to do.

In Japan, I can get lost in Mitsukoshi (the HUGE “department store”) for a long time, and the garden is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

Morocco is worth walking through because it is beautifully themed, but as Moroccan culture isn’t really “my thing”, I typically don’t spend a lot of time there. Tangerine Cafe is one of the better QSs in EP.

Other than “Impressions de France” (my favorite of the 3 WS movies), France is really about the food. Monsieur Paul has what is probably the best food in EP, (and is high on my list of “best in WDW”), and the bakery has never disappointed. I’ve been to Les Chefs for lunch once, and that will probably be the only time. The shops do not impress me, but the overall theming is very well done.

At UK I enjoy poking through the shops, and I always stop in at R&C for a beer. Yorkshire Fish and Chips is one of my favorite QSs in EP, but R&C leaves me kind of “meh”. Not bad, but Raglan Road has much more to offer and the food is much better.

In Canada, Le Cellier ranks a close 2nd to Monsieur Paul for best food in EP. The film is a lot of fun and is definitely worth seeing. The gardens are beautiful.

And that’s WS according to Brian. World Showcase is probably my favorite place in WDW, and I typically spend as much or more time there than I do in any other park in WDW. But I like to shop, I like to drink, and I LOVE to eat. I’m also a fan of live entertainment, and I think all of the live shows around WS are well done and worth seeing.



Ok decided to make a plan for FW THEN TOUR WS after and just walk around leisurely -