Epcot Norway Frozen Confusion

I’m in beginning stages of planning, and this Epcot plan has me confused. Why is it saying it’s a 1.5+ hr wait to get into the Norway Pavillion from Frozen Ever After? Does Frozen spit me out outside of the pavilion and I have to go back in and there’s a long line? Should we just skip the “pavilion” and come back later?


Technically the world showcase pavilions don’t open until 11 so that’s probably why it’s making you wait that long. FEA will open at park open, but the rest of the pavilion may not.


The algorithm is using the pre-Covid park opening times for next year, which is why what @LTinNC82 said is happening.

FEA opened early, with “the area formerly known as Future World” , but the meet and greet didn’t.

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Have you tried starting with an Epcot Covid plan? It might be interesting to compare those numbers.


Ok, thanks all. I had split our days into Futureworld with Canada and UK one day and International the other, but if International opens later I’ll put a few more pavilions on that day and pull something of low demand to do after Frozen Ever After to wait until the pavilions open. It makes sense that we should do better with our time. Does this mean that the International Gateway will be closed and we’ll need to use the main front gate those days?

Is there somehow to enable covid numbers for a January trip, or should I wait until closer to January? I’ve noticed that some parks seem to have pretty unrealistic opening hours, but for now I’ve just gone with it and expected to do more work closer to time when the hours are set by Disney and I expect they’d get put into this system?

IG opens when the front opens. If it goes back to the old opening time they’ll just funnel you thru UK and Canada into FW or you can go up to Norway that direction but someone will be roping off the back of WS. IG is the only entrance for people staying in Epcot hotels so it’s always open with the front since they don’t offer buses to the front.

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In regards to the operating hours, unfortunately you just can’t plan as far out as you used to be able to. You can put your list of wants in there but wait till closer to to really finalize those plans. Disney has been more frequently changing park hours last minute though it’s always been possible and happened some.

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Since the parks re-opened, all of Epcot has opened at 11am. There are special Covid plans that you can use to plan your day for that.

The plan you’ve used is the original plan, which at the moment doesn’t work because it assumes the different opening times for Future World and World Showcase. (FEA was the sole exception to the 11am opening for WS). Until (or if) Epcot changes back to that, the plan you have won’t be particularly useful.

I would start again with the Covid plan. Your idea of splitting the park is fine, but both days will have to start at 11am for now.


I think EP is changing to 10am opening (and that will be 9:30 on-site) on October 1st? I don’t think we know if that is temporary or if the latest cancellations will change that?