Epcot map question please?

Can you get from Spaceship Earth to Nemo without going all the way round via Figment please? and is there a walk way on the other side or do you need to go all the way round via TT?

Spaceship Earth is near the entrance of the park, Figment is near to WS. So you don’t have to go anywhere near Figment to get to Nemo.

Here is a link to the map:

When exiting Spaceship Earth, stay to the right, follow the path/signs, and then go far right once through the path.

Your questions really have me confused. Hopefully the map will clarify for you. TestTrack is on the opposite side from Nemo,etc


This map is great too. http://www.easywdw.com/easy/epcot/epcot-while-soarin-is-open-touring-plans-rope-drop-wait-times-and-fastpass-priority/

Innovations East and West have walk throughs.


Thank you, the maps I’d seen hadn’t showed the walkway.

if you get to Figment TURN AROUND QUICK!!! you’re going the wrong way! :wink: