Epcot magic hours

Hey gang, I am planning my trip and looking at Epcot evening EMH. Now its just 3 adults, so it’s not a problem of cranky kids or anything like that, in fact, we are 100% more night people.
But a few years ago we did an evening Epcot EMH and it was mayhem. It was crazy crowded and truly wasn’t worth it because the lines for rides were still 60 minutes.
I believe the time of year early Dec
I was wondering what other peoples experience was?
If you feel Epcot evening EMH are worth it or not do much?
Thanks gang!

I think the biggest thing to know for Epcot EMH is to set priorities and manage expectations

For me, it wasn’t so much the line length (those were not bad during my visit which was late April that year) but more the sheer size of the park. We were able to enjoy three headliner attractions during the 2hrs window; a lot of time was taken up just walking from one thing to another. This was, at that time, compounded by the walls that were up then - and are gone now - which necessitated us circumventing the entirety of Future World (or whatever we’re calling it these days) to get from, say, Test Track to Soarin’.

I don’t think the 2hrs is as useful at Epcot as it is at MK. But it’s still a good time.


If you like Guardians then it’s a chance to get in the VQ if you missed it earlier.


I assume you mean the Extended Evening Hours, correct? Extra Magic Hours no longer exist.

Extra Magic Hours were for guests at all on-site Disney resorts (plus some others), but Extended Evening Hours are only for Deluxe Resort guests. This difference alone will mean smaller crowds.

But … I agree with @OBNurseNH that you need to set expectations for EP EEH. I think MK and HS are better suited for EEH due to the smaller parks and greater number of top tier and medium tier rides.

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We did EMH at Epcot on Jan 1 and it was lovely. As @OBNurseNH said it’s a big park and you need to keep that in mind but we did Test Track, Frozen, and Remy’s in that time in that order. We waited probably 15 min on each? The park was fairly empty.

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Deluxe evening hours at Epcot are rough. The attractions are not close to each other. Most of the world showcase is closed. We did it three nights ago and only accomplished Remy and GOTG despite staying the whole time. That said I did in January last year and managed to do Remy, FEA, Soarin and GOTG.