Epcot in May with EMH and a ADR

We currently have an ADR at Akershus before the park officially opens at 8:25am. However, I just noticed that Epcot has EMH that day.

Here is my plan and you can tell me if it will work or not. We plan to be at the park at very early.

I have heard you can get in an hour and 15 minutes before opening if you have a reservation so we were planning on getting there 7-15.

We then plan to meet Anna and Elsa and then after breakfast step in line to ride Frozen.

Anyone experienced with this scenario?

Will they let us in that early due to EMH or should we go even earlier. We are staying on property so we have access to EMH.

Bumping this up.

If the emh starts at 8 and your reservation is at 8:25, 8 wouldn’t have thought you’d get in an hour before emh starts. Much more likely to start letting you in about half an hour early. The thing is nothing will be open so all you can do is walk to Akershus.

I also don’t know if Anna and Elsa start meeting early on an emh day. I can’t find a list of rides etc that are open, though I know there is one somewhere! You might want to check that before pinning your hopes on it. That said from what I’ve read the wait for the meet and greet isn’t that bad compared to FEA.

We were at Epcot in January on a morning with EMH. They did not let dining reservations into the park until just before they let the EMH crowd in, I think it was about 7:45-7:50. You will then be able to head to the meet and greet before breakfast. I would not get there any earlier than 7:15, probably more like 7:30. There weren’t very many people in the early ADR line that day.
Pre-RD ADR’s don’t really have any benefit on a day with EMH. Have you considered moving your ADR later in the day and taking advantage of the low crowds from 8-9:30? Are you planning to have a FPP for Frozen? Your wait will be fairly long after breakfast without one. Personally I would head straight to Frozen when they let you in, and ride it before breakfast or have a FPP for it.