Epcot in april tour plan

Hello all, new to the forum but have been reading the touring plans info for awhile since I discovered the book. We will be at WDW the first week of April and I assume it will be very busy with spring break and Easter. This week I’ve been getting FPP together and hope for some help with Epcot.

We plan to be there April 3, the previous 2 days will have been at MK and AK for rope drops so at Epcot we are thinking of a later arrival. The FP I have are Turtle Talk at 1005-1105, Frozen 1220-120 and Nemo 550-650. We have lunch at Akershus at 145. Is there any hope to meet Anna and Elsa for my daughter or are there’s FP times no Good? Any thoughts or advice would be great,
Thank you!

Is there any chance you could move your Nemo FPP to 1110-1210? It’s in the same area as Turtle Talk. That would leave open the possibility of a fourth FPP later in the afternoon–I know the CL will be high but you never know what might be available.

Thanks, last I checked there were no FPP for Nemo left at all the whole day! I kind of frantically grabbed them the first day I could and moved on lol

Wow. That’s strange.

I just checked again and not sure what I messed up earlier but got FPP for Nemo around 11! This helps allot thanks!

Awesome! Glad that worked out.
FWIW we have met Anna and Elsa several times in the past year typically mid-afternoon and haven’t waited more than 20 minutes. Hoping it works out for you.