Epcot IllumiNations fireworks cruise - worth it?


If you've taken Epcot's IllumiNations fireworks cruise, did you think it was worth the cost? Any tips on making it more worthwhile?


I thought it was a great experience. The boat captain takes you from the Yacht Club marina over toward HS, turns around and goes past the Boardwalk before parking just past the bridge between the UK and France. We got a 10% AP discount. 'Worth it' is subjective. I was lucky enough to be able to split the cost with another family. If you can afford it, I say go for it once.


I have done both Illuminations and Wishes and would go with Wishes every time. The lake is beautiful at night, and we went over to the camp grounds, past Contemp, Poly, GF. We also saw the water parade. I ordered bottles of champagne and cake to the boat - although the boat captain had to hunt down our order it did arrive and was correct. Everyone agreed it was FABULOUS. It is very special when you can carve out a private and comfortable "seat" in the middle of all the people and activity. It was relaxing and very exciting all at the same time. Going again Sept 17th and have CaliGrl ressies at 5pm for 3 adults and 1 kids in case anyone in the boat wants to eat before cruising ( @MouseDeprivedUntil19 ) . You can pick when you sail from, and I recommend Poly. Dock is closer to main building and you can bring your pineapple on the boat with you!


Thanks @MagicMN. We have Cali Grill the night before, but I'm looking forward to the Wishes Cruise! Pregame at Tambu Lounge?


Absolutely! Pineapples for everyone!


Someone shoulda told @Camsdad that


Hey you got a Lapu @MouseDeprivedUntil19


We split it last year with fellow Liner (SnowWhiteNYC kind of ironic as I am GrumpyinBrooklyn) and I thought it was great, especially being able to cut the cost in half. Definitely a do at least once in my opinion.


I live in Norway and making overseas phone calls are expensive. Can you make reservations online? We are going between Christmas and NEw Year. Do you think it is too late to make a reservations for the Illuminations cruise for one of these nights now ? I don't sant to so spend a fortune waiting to get through on the telephone if it is certain that I am too late.


I liked it very much. We did it in January and they even had blankets on board to keep us warm. I would do it again!


We did the cruise in May 2013 with a group of liners. We enjoyed doing it that way. Great time with friends and we could share the cost.


@Ombo you could probably wait until you get to WDW to book your cruise. They use their fleet of pontoon boats & they never use them all up. With 4 days notice I'm sure they could schedule enough skippers too.

You don't pay until you're on the cruise. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to call for you, send me a msg with your dates, 10 or 12 person boat & I assume you're leaving from the Yacht club dock?


Thank you MagicMN. I will try to make a call to Disney then and hope for the best. If it is as good as people say it will be worth the extra dollars on the phonebill.


We did the Illuminations cruise as an extended family in '09 and had a full boat. My mom still talks about how much she enjoyed it. That was her most recent trip to the World. I think it's a great treat when you are looking to do something special for parents or grandparents or someone who isn't accustomed to exclusive experiences. My mom really felt special. It was definitely worth it!


What time does it depart? What is the boat like in terms of seating? Any Liner family who wants to share cost of 10 person on August 22 for Wishes? We have 6, so looking for family of 4 for a 60/40 split.

Oh, and how much do you tip the Captain?


We had to be there at yacht club by 8 and the boat left around 815. It is a pontoon boat so there is bench seating on both sides on the front and then more seats in the back- 10 person max. Tip like normal -15 to 20%.