Epcot, half day without world showcase?

Hey you guys, If we do not plan on going to the World Showcase, except maybe for FEA, is it possible to only use a partial day at Epcot? I will have my 5 year old with me and he couldn’t care less about the countries I don’t think.


We are planning to do just this in April since we get in mid day to Orlando. Our TP schedule looks good with hitting Nemo, Soarin’, Turtoe Talk, and Mission space plus a bit of time at spots where we just look like the acquarium and the space section after the ride.

Our last Disney trip, we did Epcot in two days. Day one was dedicated to FutureWorld. Day two was dedicated to World Showcase. Depending on crowds, you might be able to pull off FutureWorld in a half day, especially now that Universe of Energy is out of commission.

One thing to note, though: You may still with to hit World Showcase for the Frozen Ride, at least. Just hit it first thing and use a FP if you can.

Totally doable. Depending on how late you want to stay, you may miss a few minor things, but you should be able to get all the highlights if you do a custom touring plan. We are going in April with my 7 year old son and (then) 10 month old son, so we are planning on doing mostly mornings with long breaks in the afternoon. My touring plan has us rope dropping FEA, then heading to Spaceship Earth with a FP, then Seas to do the Nemo ride, turtle talk, and some time looking at the acquariums, then heading to the Land to do Living With the Land (another FP) and Soarin (third FP) and then Mission Space:Green. Spend a few minutes at the exhibits after Space, then head to San Angel Inn for lunch at 12:40 (my 7 year old loves Mexican food). After our Soarin FastPass we will try for an after lunch FastPass at Test Track, which seems doable based on my research. We are done at 1:45 pretty much seeing everything we want. If you are staying on property and go on a day with a morning EMH it’s even more doable.

If you are planning an afternoon half day you may need a bit more time as things are generally more crowded in the afternoon, but it’s still doable.